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Trying All the New Dunkin’ Items So You Don’t Have To

Let me preface this with a bit of a disclaimer: I am a Dunkin’ Donuts fanatic. Most mornings in my house follow a simple routine of wake up, stretch, get Dunkin’ coffee and start my day. Because of this obsession, I was so excited to hear that Dunkin’ was unveiling new menu items for the spring season! So, with this in mind, I woke up at 8 a.m. and drove to my local Dunkin’ to try all of the new items and give a full review.

Cold Brew with Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Dunkin’ always does an amazing job with their cold brew. It is always smooth and delicious, and today’s batch was no exception. The brand-new cold foam on top was a nice addition, and for the price, it is definitely worth trying, especially if you’re turned away by other pricier cold foam drinks. I would have liked to have seen more of a heavy flavor profile, or maybe some cinnamon or caramel drizzle. It would have taken this already amazing drink to the next level.

Rating: nine/10

Chocolate Stout Cold Brew with Sweet Cream Cold Foam


This was a take on the classic cold brew with cold foam, but with a few pumps of the new chocolate stout syrup. At first, I was underwhelmed with the flavor. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate stout syrup until I stirred the drink. Even when I stirred it, the heavy syrup kept sinking to the bottom of the cup, and although the flavor was great, the inconsistent dilution made some sips much more syrupy than others. The chocolate powder on the cold foam was a nice touch, but overall, I was disappointed.

Rating: five/10

Blueberry Iced Matcha Latte

I like matcha drinks, and I already knew I liked the plain iced matcha latte, so I was excited to try this new flavor. The color, as always, was amazing: a milky sage green with flecks of blueberry spread throughout. People who already love matcha will love this drink. I enjoyed how the blueberry syrup contrasted the dryer flavors of the matcha powder. Overall, I’m a fan, but since this drink isn’t highly caffeinated (and I’m a caffeine fiend), I don’t think I would get it again.

Rating: seven/10

Grilled Cheese Melt

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the grilled cheese melt was a nearly full-sized grilled cheese sandwich! I would be lying if I said that my mouth wasn’t watering at just the sight of this sandwich. There is art in its simplicity: two pieces of toasted sourdough, fused together by thick slices of American and white cheddar cheese melted to perfection. If possible, I would have married this sandwich, but since it wasn’t, I just ate it instead. My body is a temple, and it deserved such luxury as this. I didn’t try the version of the sandwich that comes with ham, but I’m positive that that version is just as orgasm-inducing.

Rating: 11/10

Avocado Toast

There is, perhaps, no greater joy in life than the perfect slice of avocado toast, and Dunkin’ came pretty close with this rendition. The avocado spread paired well with the sesame and poppy seed sprinkle on top, and although the bread was softer than I would have liked, this was still a darn good piece of toast. This definitely is not a food to eat on the road, and I found this out the hard way when I dropped the slice on my car floor as I pulled out of the drive-thru. I’m sure it would have tasted better if I’d actually gotten to finish it. At least my phone camera got to eat.

Rating: 8/10 

Matcha Donut

Do not let the moldy appearance of this donut fool you, this matcha donut was one of the showstoppers of the morning. This treat combined the best parts of glazed and powdered donuts: the glaze was sweet and perfectly crispy, while the matcha powder pressed the glaze so it wouldn’t flake off when you bit into it. The powder also had a nutty flavor that I love, and it was the perfect sweet end to round out the savory food choices. I might even choose this over a classic glazed donut next time I come to Dunkin’.

Rating: 9/10

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