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The Truth Behind Brazilian Waxing

We’re back with another themed week on the site: Beauty Week. This semester, Her Campus FSU has created themed weeks dedicated to exclusive content we believe all of our readers should have access to. Keep up on the site for the next few days as we tackle everything from the best beauty brands to follow to the much-debated brazilian. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this.

Spring break is quickly approaching. Is your bikini line ready? If you’re planning on spending most of your week off in a bathing suit, why would you want to waste time worrying about whether or not pesky pubes are sprouting out of your bikini line? It’s an unnecessary hassle, and it can make some of us a little self-conscious. Razors aren’t always the best at completely removing your unwanted hair so why not just eliminate the problem before it begins? Ever considered waxing it off?

For some people who haven’t tried it, the idea of waxing being painful is enough to keep them from ever giving it a shot. The truth is, yes, it’s not going to feel great, but the benefits of waxing outweigh the short term discomfort.

For starters, after waxing you won’t have to worry about managing your downstairs hairs for three to four weeks! Do you know how much free time that gives you? Think of how much shorter your showers will be! Your roommates will be thanking you for trimming down the utilities bill! Plus, you can put on that super skimpy bikini bottom and not give it a second thought.

Another benefit of Brazilian waxes is that over time, your hair starts growing in thinner. Summer, a technician at Brazil’s Waxing Center, explains that waxing “pulls the root and the follicle straight out” which is why the hair grows back slower, and over time causes some of your hair to not grow back at all! Eventually, when the hair starts to grow back fine and thin, it’ll be less itchy, cause less odor and generally be less to deal with. However, Summer did mention that the amount of overall hair loss depends on the type of person and what kind of hair they have, so if you have super dark thick hair, don’t expect all your hair to never come back (but that’s what waxing is for anyway).


Courtesy: Brazil’s Waxing Center

In general, waxing can be better for your skin because it is less irritating than using a razor. Summer pointed out that “some girls can be allergic to the metal [of razors], especially on a sensitive area.” You can say goodbye to razor burn and those annoying bumps!

Speaking from experience, the first time you wax will be the most painful, since your skin isn’t used to it (and the hair will be thicker), but some areas are obviously more sensitive than others. Summer suggests for first-timers to start with a bikini wax and work their way up to a Brazilian.  I can’t speak for any of the other waxing centers in Tallahassee, but the technicians at Brazil’s Waxing Center will truly take care of you. They’ll tell you when to take a deep breath and when to breathe out to make the process less painful. They make sure their all-natural wax is at a temperature you’re comfortable with and they keep the conversation going as they work their magic. Other helpful tips from Summer are to take an Advil or Tylenol half an hour before your waxing appointment because it will help with any inflammation or discomfort. Also, taking a hot shower or bath right before coming in can “open up your pores and help the hairs come out so much easier.”

If the idea of someone you don’t know being so close to your lady parts is weirding you out, I totally get it. It seems like such an awkward scenario, but once you get past having to sit down and spread your legs, it ends up not being that weird! After all, you do the same thing when you go to the gynecologist. It helps that the technicians know how to keep the conversation going, and you just have to remember that whoever is giving you your wax knows what they’re doing. They’ve probably been taking care of customers all day, so taking care of you is no different. They don’t think it’s weird, so you have no reason to either!

Hopefully you’re a little more at ease now with the idea of getting a bikini or Brazilian wax. If not, Brazil’s Waxing Center has an extremely helpful website here that may be able to answer any more questions you may have. Summer also pointed out that consultations are available to people who just want to come in and see what waxing is like before booking an appointment. Brazilians are all about comfort, confidence and convenience—so why not give one a try?

Shannon is a senior at Florida State University studying creative writing, media communications, and philosophy. She enjoys singing like the last American Idol while taking showers, writing, joyrides on her scooter, and being that one friend who always claims to have "known that song before it was cool." Hobbies include: going on hikes, yoga, dancing out her frustrations, and watching "How I Met Your Mother" with her boyfriend.
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