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The Truth About Curology: Does it Really Work?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the ads by our favorite YouTubers telling us to try Curology, but does it really work? It’s a simple quiz that gives you a personalized formula that is supposed to improve your skin. I’ve done Curology once before, well sort of. I took the quiz and paid for the formula but never really got around to using it.

It started last semester when my skin had become the worst I’ve ever seen it. What I had once sworn by to clear breakouts was no longer working. I complained every single morning and I’m pretty sure my roommate was sick of hearing me talk about it.

After Christmas, I saw another ad for Curology and thought “screw it, let me give it a fair shot this time.” So, I ordered the free trial and uploaded pictures of my skin. However, this time around, I also ordered the cleanser and moisturizer.

Courtesy: Curology

The one thing you need to know about my skin is that it’s incredibly sensitive. I have a reaction to just about everything. Neutrogena’s Make-Up remover wipes leave me looking like a tomato with a red face and swollen skin. I love how the It Cosmetics CC cream looks on my skin, but it causes me to break out terribly. Foundation is always a gamble, so I usually stick to the only one I know works for my skin.

With that in mind, I was anxious about using Curology products on my skin. The probability of me having a negative reaction was incredibly high.

I gave my roommate a heads up that I was going to be trying something new on my skin, and over the past few months she’s seen numerous negative reactions, so she knew how bad this could go. Long story short, we had Benadryl on standby.

In addition to extremely sensitive skin, I also have a mixture of hyperpigmentation and rosacea on my cheeks. I’ve tried prescription cream and oral medication, but nothing seemed to help.

Over the past month, I’ve been using Curology daily and have seen an immense improvement in my skin. The hyperpigmentation and rosacea are almost gone entirely. Any breakouts I had are practically nonexistent. Occasionally a stress breakout will happen, but the medication will clear it up within a day or two.

Courtesy: Curology

Aside from the personal formula, I love the cleanser and moisturizer. The cleanser is incredibly gentle on the skin but leaves no makeup residue behind after a long day. With the moisturizer, it works beautifully on my oily prone skin. 

All in all, I’m incredibly happy with my Curology experience. I’m continuing on with the monthly plan and can’t wait to see how my skin continues to improve. The drastic change in my skin over the past month is insanely amazing. To anyone who’s considering Curology, I totally recommend giving it a go. If you’re on the fence, they are offering a free trial which is definitely worth giving a try.

You can find more information about the products and how it all works here!

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