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Trevor Lawrence & Marissa Mowry Get Hitched

Former Clemson quarterback and first overall round draft pick Trevor Lawrence has officially tied the knot with his high school girlfriend Marissa Mowry, both at the age of 21. The wedding took place in a small chapel in Bluffton, South Carolina, only nine months after the couple announced their engagement on their respective social medias. The engagement took place in Clemson, South Carolina, in the football stadium “Death Valley” where Lawrence has played quarterback for the last three years.

Lawrence and his new wife Marissa are both from Cartersville, Georgia, where Lawrence played high school football and was a star there too—winning multiple state championships and bringing the town together. After high school, Marissa went on to attend Anderson University, where she too was a student athlete. She played soccer in her time as a student.

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Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur from Pexels

The couple hosted a beautiful celebration at a small chapel in Bluffton, S.C. The party then moved to an unknown location where the couple celebrated alongside family, friends and former teammates under a white tent. Photos can be seen all over the internet and social media of the couple sporting matching black and white sneakers, feeding each other cake and shedding tears while walking down the aisle. One social media post included the couple’s hands side by side, each wearing a diamond bracelet with the caption “Matching wedding gifts to each other.” Photographers also captured videos of Mrs. Lawrence crowd surfing and the couple leaving their wedding under a tunnel of sparklers, leading to a golf cart that took the couple to their next location. 

Throughout the time leading up to the wedding, Jaguars fans decided that it would be best to welcome their presumed new quarterback with open arms. Jacksonville Jaguars fan Eric Dillard saw that the couple had been eying a new, high-end touchscreen toaster. After time went by collecting donations for this toaster, Dillard noticed there was an extreme amount of money in his Venmo account. After opening up a poll on Twitter asking fans where they would want their money spent, Dillard also used the money to purchase the couple a high-end vacuum and will soon donate the rest of the money to a charity of the couple’s choice.

In the midst of all of the wedding chaos, Lawrence opted out of the NFL medical testing, being hosted in Indianapolis this week for his wedding. With the NFL Draft being so close and Lawrence still having a minor injury to his shoulder, it is unclear if the couple will be honeymooning any time soon, and the location is yet to be determined as well.

The young couple’s future is not completely in stone just yet. As time goes by, it is assumed that Lawrence will go on to start his professional football career and play for the Jacksonville Jaguars, in Jacksonville, Florida. Starting a life so young together is something that is so beautiful, and we hope for the best for the young couple as they begin their hopefully long journey as Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence.

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