Trevor James Products: Stylish, Nautical and Driven by a Purpose

Name: Trevor James

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Cape Cod, MA

Major: Business


Courtesy: Trevor James


Her Campus (HC): So I have been looking through your website now and your products are all very cute! What made you want to start this business?

Trevor James (TJ): I’ve always been an entrepreneur but I guess I never really knew it. When I was younger I used to go door to door selling lemonade, Ed Hardy clothing and all that kind of stuff. I had a job up here at a local store called Olympia Sports but I wasn’t happy with it. I ended up leaving the job and said to myself, “Why don’t I start my own business?”. So I started looking online to think of things I could start importing, and that’s when I came across the bracelets, watches and t-shirts. It was the middle of my senior year of high school when the company all got started.

HC: Wow, that must be amazing to see your entrepreneurial spirit take you this far already. Are there any unexpected things you have learned along the way?

TJ: Yeah, of course! I’ve learned that it’s alright to take risks, even if I’m not sure if it’s going to go right. I always try to look at failure and learn something from it. One time I ordered over $800 worth of t-shirts and realized I bought them in the wrong size. I just decided to give them out to my friends and family, and it actually helped boost business in the long run! Another thing I’ve learned is to not be afraid to reach out to people. Usually when I tell more established business owners that I’m a young entrepreneur, they take the time out to talk to me.

HC: I love that story! It’s amazing how when you look at failures as lessons, they can actually work to your favor in the end. Where do you think you see your business going in 5-10 years?

TJ: Since the company is based around a more nautical theme, I would love to bring in some water bottles and towels. Then, in a few years I would love to open up a store front and eventually more stores across the country along the way.

HC: Wow! What would you say is your favorite item in stock at the moment though?

TJ: I love our new long sleeve t-shirts. I paired up with about four designers just to get the right look. The project started in June and we just finally released them.

Courtesy: Trevor James.


HC: If you could describe your products in three words, what would they be?

TJ: Charity, stylish, beautiful.

HC: You said charity, and from your website I saw that you partner with an organization called Waves for Water. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

TJ: I came across this website called and reading through it, I came across a brand called Southernly Stated. Their whole idea got me really interested in the idea of social entrepreneurship. I started looking at different charities and that’s when I found Water for Waves. Not only did the organization fit with the vibe of our brand, but they are such a great company to work with. A percentage of all of the profits that we make from our products go towards buying water filters, which Water for Waves then gives to communities in need around the globe. The filters can provide clean water for those communities for up to five years!

With just a few quick glances at the website, it will be quick to find that Trevor James is based out of Massachusetts. So what does this have to do with FSU? Well this is where YOU come in! Since Trevor James products started in 2015, they are still a growing business looking to connect to customers all over the country and eventually all over the globe! To do this, Trevor James Products are searching for young, excited and fashion-forward students to become brand ambassadors. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, visit their website to learn more about it! Becoming a Brand Ambassador for Trevor James Products means that you would be creating content for the company such as making creative posts on various social media outlets. Special perks come with the job too, which include free products, special discounts and social recognition! This job would be great for those pursuing a career in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development, or anyone who loves fashion!