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Treat Yo Self: Finals Week Edition

Finals SZN is upon us. Right now, you’re probably running on three hours of sleep with barely any food in your stomach and you’re stressing TF out—or procrastinating. This is a stressful time but it’s important to remember that this will all be over soon. If you’re familiar with Parks and Recreation, you know exactly what I mean by treat yo self. It makes sense to treat yo self after taking finals but…

Here are some few ways to treat yo self during finals week:

Take a workout class at the Leach.

This may sound like a lot of effort to even get up and even try but your body will thank you. The Leach offers walk-in workout classes like Cardio Burn & Firm and Kickbox + Build, so you can let out all your stress and anger in an intense workout! If you can’t make it to FSU’s gym, go for an outdoor jog or just get moving. Being active will revitalize your soul that’s been cramped up in your room, or in the library. Another great benefit of exercise is that it generally releases stress and helps maintain mental health.

Study outside or at your favorite place.

Take your books and study outside or go to your favorite coffee shop. Give yourself a different scenery and some fresh air—you deserve it.

Eat yummy, healthy foods.

Nothing is worse than being interrupted by a loud, growling stomach while you’re studying. Ditch the potato chips and candy, I know they’re tempting but this will slow your body down and evidently make you crash. Instead, fuel your body with foods that’ll keep you motivated! Try packing a whole wheat toast with peanut butter spread, topped with banana slices. This little snack has the potassium and protein to keep you awake and focused.

Take a study break.

This. Is. Essential. Cramming or staring at your notes is not studying, so do your brain a favor and take a little break. Taking a break has a massive impact on your concentration, whether it’s going on social media, watching 30 minutes of Netflix, grabbing coffee or taking a power-nap. Take care of your body and mind—don’t exceed yourself.


If you’re not getting enough Z’s, this can definitely impact your stress levels. Improve your mental state by giving your body and mind time to recharge. I know it’s hard to get a full night’s sleep during finals when studying can last overnight, but tomorrow is another day. Remember guys, your happiness and mental health are way more important than your grades. So, hang in there and just remember to breathe, stay positive and finish strong. Oh, and don’t forget you’re a badass. Happy studying and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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