Travis McLeod: Politician in the Making

Name: Travis McLeod

Year: Freshman

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Lithia, FL

Relationship Status: Single 

Courtesy: Travis McLeod

Her Campus (HC): As a freshman, you've already seemed to have gotten involved in quite a lot. What are you most passionate about right now?

Travis McLeod (TM): I'm most passionate about being a member of the speech team. I've been doing competitive speaking all my life and college is no exception. The team has a lot of great people I've gotten close to and they've been the highlight of my time at college so far.

HC: Why are you in the major you're in right now and where do you want to go with it?

TM: Well political science is a pretty broad field. Everything I'm interested in from law in international affairs fits under political science so it seemed like the best choice. Being in the capitol, I'd like to pick up some internships and see where those take me. These next few years could really dictate how I use my degree.

HC: What are your immediate goals and long-term goals academically, socially, career-wise? 

TM: Right now I just want to do well and school and meet some cool people, both of which seem to be going pretty well. In the future I'd like to find a career that I can be excited and passionate about. Anything that challenges me and forces me to be my best would make me happy.

Courtesy: Travis McLeod

HC: What kind of friends have you made at FSU and how has your social life contributed to your first year at school? 

TM: My friends have been a big part of mt first year at FSU. I've met a lot of different people through working at Starbucks, Speech club and around the university in general. They've really helped me to realize what kind of people I enjoy spending time with the most and what I should want from social relationships in the future.

HC: Where do you come from and how do you think that shapes who you are now and who you will be?

TM: I come from a family oriented suburban area. In a lot of ways it really limited the way I looked at the world and the experiences I was exposed to. I'm finding I really enjoy getting away from all that and living for things I care about more.

HC: What kind of cool things do you want to do before you graduate? 

TM: Honestly, I'm up for whatever. I care a lot more about the people I’m with rather than what we're doing. Basically, any reckless behavior that's good enough for my friends is good enough for me.