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As of Jan. 14, the United States alone has reported 23,848,410 Coronavirus cases. Despite the increase in cases, people across the country are ready for the day when they are once again able to experience some sort of normalcy. Amongst this population, some citizens daydream about one day being able to experience the relaxation and peace that one experiences out on the mighty sea. In March of 2020, the CDC Director announced a No-Sail Order which suspends cruise ship operations within any U.S. port of call. According to the CDC, the cruise industry continues to offer a method of “introducing, transmitting and spreading COVID-19.”

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Due to the rise in cases in recent months, the No-Sail Order was extended on Oct. 30th, 2020. The Order is set to be in place until Nov. 1st, 2021 unless COVID-19 is no longer declared a public health emergency. In light of the pandemic, many cruise lines have presented statements with regards to their response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Listed below are four major cruise lines with their updated policies and cruise status.

1. Carnival

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Carnival Cruise Lines has offered two options for compensation according to the duration of previously purchased trips. With the first option for sailings that lasted more than six days, the passengers could choose to have their credit transferred to a future sailing and receive a 600 USD onboard credit. The first option for sailings less than five days is the same credit transferred but with a 300 USD onboard credit. The second option for both durations is a full refund.

Salings Canceled: Cruises through December 2021

2. Disney Cruise Line

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Disney Cruise Lines have recently announced that they will be extending the suspension of their sailings. The company has decided to offer cancellation options to passengers who had booked up until July 2021. The company states that if the cruise is before Jan. 31st, 2021 they have until fifteen days before to choose a cancellation option. If the passenger had paid in full their Disney vacation they could choose to have full credit for future cruises or a full refund. Those who had not paid for their vacation will automatically receive a refund of what they had paid up to date.

Sailings Canceled: Cruises through March 2021 and a select few in the summer months

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

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Norwegian Cruise Line has decided to “voluntarily temporarily suspend ALL voyages through March 2021.” The company has announced that all passengers will receive a refund in the original payment form for any cruise voyages booked. As a result of the inconvenience, some specific cancellations will receive a 10% off coupon for any 2022 cruise bookings.

Sailings Canceled: Cruises through March 2021

4. Royal Caribbean

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Royal Caribbean announced on Jan. 12th that they plan to resume their voyages in May 2021. They also updated that cruises in Singapore and China are open only for citizens/ residents of those countries. Some of the options they are offering to passengers of the canceled cruise include giving a 125% refund to be used in a future cruise with Royal Caribbean. Additionally, passengers can change the date of their original itinerary or obtain a full refund to their original payment method. Royal Caribbean states that if passengers booked hotels and flights through their company they will automatically refund that portion of their payments. 

Salings Canceled: Cruises through April 30, 2021           

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many plans on hold. At this point, the CDC continues to recommend for people to wear a mask, social distance and avoid large crowds. At this time and place, the cruise industry is still placed on hold until COVID-19 cases go down and are no longer declared a public health emergency.

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Michelle is currently a junior from Miami, Fl pursuing a degree within the IMS program for Clinical Professions. She is a Harry Styles enthusiast who spends way too much time daydreaming about living in a small village in Italy.
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