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Transferring to the Rival Territory with Emma Rieser

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

For two years, Emma Rieser attended Florida State University before deciding to make the big move to the University of Florida. Other than being two hours away from each other, the schools have quite different energies surrounding them. In terms of her transfer, she has her personal reasons for choosing this path but gave us a perspective on why it is okay to transfer. Additionally, we got an inside look to talk about the differences and similarities between the schools from someone who has and is attending the contrasting facilities.

Her Campus (HC): What made you transfer to the University of Florida from Florida State University?

Emma Rieser (ER): The most important reason I transferred schools was that I had family ties in Gainesville, so it was like I was a home away from home. Also, it had more criteria that fit my needs than Florida State.

HC: When attending FSU, what did you like about the school and your program?

ER: I am a Political Science and Religion major on the Pre-Law track, so what I liked about Florida State’s program was its versatility to my needs. I could make my schedule based on my interests, allowing me to excel in academics.

HC: Speaking about your major, what was the decision to pursue your current major? That is an interesting combination.

ER: The reason why I chose to go this path is actually my dad, who was and still is my most significant influence to this day. He was a police officer all my life, so I watched him perform civil service with so much pride. He did everything possible to help those in need, so I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do the same for my generation.

HC: How do the schools compare in your specific program? Are there more opportunities for you in Gainesville?

ER: Between Florida State and the University of Florida, there is a higher emphasis on education at the University of Florida, which is what I needed. Both schools have similarities in class options and size, but UF was more suitable to my liking. In terms of opportunities, I think there are far more opportunities in Gainesville and UF in general. In addition, I am looking into attending UF’s law school in the future, so it would make things easier to finish my undergrad here.

HC: That’s great to hear! In your opinion, what are some similarities and differences between the schools?

ER: It’s mostly the same vibe, given that both are in college towns. However, at the University of Florida, there is more diversity, such that more international students go here. There are more students with different backgrounds and cultures, which makes it livelier. A specific example is that there are more South Asians on campus, regardless of where you are. In Florida State, most of the classes had white Caucasians, so it was pretty interesting to see variety in terms of different cultures.

HC: That’s so interesting to hear that! My sister attends the University of Florida, and she had mentioned that there is more variety on campus compared to other schools she went on tours to. Were there any specific transfer admission criteria you needed to complete before you applied or transferred?

ER: Every case is different, so check with your advisor to know exactly what you need before making this step. In most cases, you can’t transfer without your associate’s degree, or sixty credit hours, from a Florida university or college, so you have to be sure to have that before anything. You also need at least a minimum 2.0 GPA, both overall and from your last school. You should be set as long as you have your AA and good academic standing! The process was fairly straightforward for me, with the help of my advisor.

HC: I’m glad it wasn’t a challenging journey! As a new University of Florida student, what is a typical day for you?

ER: A day in the life, love that! I usually wake up, eat breakfast, then head to class. Since I’m new, I still use Google Maps to get around campus. It’s like I’m a freshman all over again! After class, I tend to go to the library to study and do work, then hang out with friends!

HC: It’s good that you have a good balance between your academic life and social life. Do you have any academic goals for the end of the school year?

ER: I definitely agree! Just to keep up my grades and be successful like any other student. Oh, and figure out my way around campus! That’s probably the most important goal I have.

HC: Rightfully so! The last question I have for you is, is there anything you would like to say to people considering transferring, whether out or to Florida State?

ER: If you are considering transferring, go for it! Don’t be scared to ask for help in the process. You are the only person who knows what’s best for you and what will make you successful, so go for it if you feel it is right. Every school has different criteria, and UF was the more suitable option for the criteria I was looking for in a university.

HC: Thank you for letting me interview you. It was lovely hearing your perspective!

ER: Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

If you are considering transferring to a different school, speak to your advisor to see what is best for you, and don’t be scared to voice your needs.

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