Toys "R" Us Declares Bankruptcy, Destroys Our Childhoods

On Sept. 19, iconic toy retailer Toys "R" Us announced that after years and years of struggling in billions of dollars in debt, they have decided to file for bankruptcy. After fighting with the rise of online shopping through large retailers like Amazon, Target, and eBay, the retailer had to make the decision to finally face all of their debt straight on. The decision to file for bankruptcy comes after loads of other companies like Aeropostale, The Limited, Bebe and Payless Shoe Source also decided to partake in the decision in order to save what they could of their companies. Filing for bankruptcy these days is more common than ever seen before with the rise of online shopping and slow traffic in the malls causing physical stores to close their doors.

As the toy industry continued to evolve with newer, cooler technology being offered with the younger generations, Toys R Us’ less than okay customer-service and their higher-than-usual prices, compared to that of online retailers, just wasn’t enough to keep them in line with the ever-changing market. Ultimately, it was their demise. Companies these days need to understand that to stay in the new market, they have to change and bend themselves to fit the consumer’s needs and preferences.


Could the shift of younger generations to playing with iPads and iPhones have anything to do with the demise of Toys R Us? It would be stupid to say that it this isn’t the main factor. Someone in one of my classes mentioned that while she was at the store with their younger sibling, she saw a 3-year-old in a stroller playing with an iPad instead of paying attention to all the toys around him. I’m sorry, but WHAT? Whenever my parents gave me the privilege of going to Toys R Us as a kid, I was bouncing off the walls wanting absolutely anything and everything that my hands touched. Kids these days are just chilling, playing with their iPads. Let’s take it back to the olden days and force everyone to play with some Legos or go explore outside and have an adventure instead of sticking an iPhone or iPad under every child under ten’s nose.

Rest in peace, Toys "R" Us, I will never forget the good times I had in you as a kid. Thanks for all the laughs, the countless tears after being told we weren’t getting that one toy and the giant smiles on our faces after leaving the store. You’ll be greatly missed.