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Top Ten Movies on the iTunes Charts

As the pandemic progresses, and we continue our lives indoors, we’re all grasping for some form of entertainment—a show to binge, or a feel-good movie to help the time pass. The iTunes Movie Chart has racked up a list of the top ten movies to keep you busy during your time at home, based on their popularity among other movie watchers. Here is this week’s top ten:

10. Big Trouble in Little China

Coming in at number ten is an action and adventure movie called Big Trouble in Little China. The main character, Jack Burton. is reluctant to believe in the supernatural until he is pulled into Chinatown’s underworld to help his friend, Wang Chi, save his fiancée from a kidnapping. Only here is it that Jack is introduced to evil magicians and inhuman villains that Burton is forced to fight to help his friend.

9. Déjà vu

Denzel Washington stars in Déjà vu, a thriller film that calls Washington’s character to uncover the details of an explosion on a ferry in New Orleans. During his investigation, he is taken from the scene to a top-secret government lab, where he learns of a time-turning device that may prevent the crime in the first place.

8. Synchronic

This action-packed, science fiction film follows the journey of two paramedics attempting to solve the mystery of a series of deadly accidents. They determine its cause to be a new party drug that they find at many of the scenes. However, when one of the paramedics’ daughters goes missing, their investigation leads them back to this supposed psychedelic that might not be at all what they originally thought. 

7. The Dissent

In this documentary film, director Bryan Fogel attempts to expose the lies behind the murder of a Washington Post journalist. Including never before seen footage and information that, until now, was not readily available to the public, he pieces together an enticing story of crime and truth. 

6. Honest Thief

Liam Neeson, once again, stars in an action and adventure film in which his character, Tom Carter, cumulatively steals millions of dollars from local banks throughout his robbery career. It’s not until he falls in love that he decides to come clean about his crime-filled past to save his relationship. 

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5. Promising Young Women

Promising Young Women is a thriller film, following the events of a woman named Cassie, who miraculously derails her promising path of med school in order to live a secret nightlife. During this nightlife, Cassie devotes herself to preventing crime and increasing safety for her fellow women.

4. Redemption Day

In an action-packed adventure, Brad Paxton has finally returned from his U.S. Marine deployment, only to be kidnapped by a terrorist group, and abruptly pulled back into the dangers of war. Paxton attempts to save himself and the woman he loves.

3. What About Bob?

This light-hearted comedy introduces the story of a fearful man, who is troubled by the idea of being left alone, in the face of his phobias. To cope with his fear, he finds his doctor who is vacationing with his family and immerses himself into their vacation in order to keep his fears at bay. 

2. News of the World

Tom Hanks stars in a moving drama about a widowed man who has returned from the Civil War and devoted himself to telling his war stories from town to town. During his travels, he meets a ten-year-old girl who was taken by the Kiowa tribe at a young age and was raised as one of their own. The government orders that the girl return to her rightful home with her biological aunt and uncle and Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) offers to accompany her and return her home safely. 

1. Tenet

In an attempt to save civilization from World War III, our protagonist sets off on a journey through time, breaking the laws of nature, in hopes of a successful journey. He is given one weapon throughout his mission—a single word– Tenet.

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Kaitlyn Calta is a creative writing major at Florida State University. Writing has been her passion for many years, and she takes any opportunity to share this passion with the world. When she is not writing, Kaitlyn loves to spend time with her friends, read, and watch films. With a minor in film, she hopes to combine her passion for writing and her love for films by joining the entertainment business upon her graduation.
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