Top Platforms for Selling Your Unwanted Clothing

Closet filled with clothes, but still nothing to wear: a struggle many of us know too well. If you’re like me, while out shopping, you try on a cute shirt, love it and buy it. Then you only wear it once or twice before the poor top sits on a hanger for months on end. After feeling bad for all those lonely garments, I realized it was time to give them to new, loving homes. However, my local consignment shops were only paying me one or two dollars per item, so I turned to e-commerce apps instead. Since then, I've made over $400 by simply listing my items online and shipping them out to buyers around the country. Below, I have provided some of the top sites and apps for reselling unwanted clothing, so you too can make some bank.


This one is my personal favorite (check out my closet @jessgurl32). When listing your items, all you have to do is upload up to six pictures and fill in the various categories, such as size, color, brand and price. Users have the opportunity to share each other’s listings with their own followers to get more exposure. One of the most unique aspects of this app is the party feature. Four times per day, showrooms open up for specific styles and themes, where you can present your items in a more refined section. The designated hosts choose their favorite items to display in a special section, which gets your listings a ton of views. The one downside is the 20% commission (or $2.95 for sales under $15) that Poshmark receives for each sale you make. 

Courtesy: Pic Deer


With this app, you can upload up to eight photos, along with a description of your item and a set price. Once your item is listed, your pictures are automatically retouched to fix any lighting issues. Unlike Poshmark, buyers and sellers can direct message one another regarding any questions about the item or price negotiations. However, there are no opportunities to continuously share and promote your listings. This may cause your items to get lost in the mix with the thousands of others posted by other sellers. One huge selling point though is their commission: only 10% for each sale.

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Founded in 1995, eBay is much older than the previous two platforms but still remains as one of the top choices for getting rid of your unwanted items. This site allows you to sell almost anything, rather than just clothing. International shipping is an option, while most of its competitors only offer their services within the U.S., which could increase your potential number of buyers. A fun feature is the auctions. If you choose this option, buyers will place bids on your item until the time runs out and the highest bidder wins. On the downside, you can only list up to 50 items each month for free before you have to pay an insertion fee, and if it doesn’t sell within 30 days, you are charged again. On top of that, you also owe a “final value” fee once your item sells. 

Whichever platform you choose, selling your old items can be a fun and rewarding experience. Why watch your clothes collect dust when they could make you some money and travel to new owners who will put them to good use?