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We’ve all heard of the infamous Netflix shows; ask anyone within your friend group: “Hey what are you watching right now on Netflix?”

And you will get the same shows, whether that be The Crown, Schitt’s Creek, Vampire Diaries, Riverdale or Outer Banks. While there is nothing wrong with these popular shows, it can just be discouraging when you want something new or fresh! While the hunt for something on Netflix can seem daunting, don’t go by yourself! Here are some of the most underrated Netflix shows and movies that you can make your next obsessions!

1. Yes, God, Yes (Movie)

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Natalia Dyer plays a young girl enrolled in catholic school. She begins exploring her sexual desires but is looked down upon by peers and older figures in her life for doing so. As the movie progresses, we see the main character become more confident in what she wants and who she’d like to be, not just within her current state but thinking ahead to her future. It's a great, short movie that really opens your eyes to the unnecessary need for secrecy around sex, a religious upbringing and the sexism behind slut-shaming.

2. Community (Show—Six Seasons)

This show is full of a hilarious cast, with members like Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown and more. The show follows a group of seven community college students who have all come to try and get their life back on track. The multiple characters help give us varying perspectives into different events going on around the campus, and we get to see them grow together as friends and better themselves as people. The dean of the campus is also hilarious and a true staple of the show (#SixSeasonsAndAMovie).

3. Sex Education (Show—Two Seasons)

With only eight episodes, about 50 minutes each, it's such an easy and fun show to binge-watch. The comedy and messages about not just sex but figuring out your sexuality, mental health, the pressure to be perfect and more, makes this not just another cliche, teen, coming-of-age show. There is real depth in the characters' relationships, problems and the plot itself. The cast members are all amazing and do a great job at portraying their complex characters. And if you needed any more reason to watch...the main character’s mother is played by Gillian Anderson.

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4. Friends from College (Show—Two Seasons)

Every episode is a hit. Starring Keegan-Michael Key as Ethan, the show revolves around him and his wife Lisa, played by Cobie Smulders, who move to New York and reunite with their college friend group. The show revolves around the friends' lives and relationships correlating to each other. I can best explain it as: even when the show presents its audience with the most awkward situations, you don't get embarrassed with the characters because you are too busy laughing at them! The character’s reactions and the writing of the overall show are spectacular and have just enough drama to have you on the edge of your seat but will make you fall off from laughing.

5. Cam (Movie)

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There are a few gory scenes in this movie, so make sure to read the warnings on Netflix before watching! Our main character is Alice, played by Madeline Brewer, who is a cam girl and is striving to increase her views. As she begins to climb the ranks, one day, she is unable to get into her account and soon realizes someone, who looks just like her, is posting new content on her page and posing as her. It's a thriller/horror film that leaves you dying for more and overall, speechless at the end. 

Bonus Show Speed Round!

Daredevil (Show—Three Seasons)

Dark, gritty and suspenseful! If you are mourning the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this is the Marvel show for you. It follows Matthew Murdock (played by Charlie Cox), a blind superhero who uses his other enhanced sense to fight crime. Because Daredevil is not very well known and has not gotten much other mainstream attention, it's so interesting to learn about another aspect of the Marvel universe! An added bonus as well are the other MCU characters they involve within the series!

Everything Sucks (Show—One Season)

Following the life of a freshman, played by Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Luke juggles with his drive to be a filmmaker and his personal relationships with members of the AV club and more. Within Luke’s AV friends, we are further introduced to characters like Kate (played by Peyton Kennedy), who is struggling with her own high school experience, especially when it comes to her sexuality and self-identity. If you enjoyed the tone or mood of Freaks & Greeks or Stranger Things, you would definitely love this show. And once again, if you were not interested enough already, Sydney Sweeney plays an angry theater kid.

One Day at a Time (Show—Three Seasons) 

Following a family of four: a mother dealing with PTSD after retiring from the army, a young high school woman embracing her sexuality and overall identity, a young boy learning how the world works as he counties to grow up, and their grandmother who is just a gem. The show has the versatility to make you laugh and create an endearing, caring tone through the family relationships while also tackling a variety of real-world issues. Furthermore, the show brings up discussions from multiple perspectives. 

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Bella Bozied is an Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) and Editing, Writing and Media (EWM) double major at Florida State University. She is working towards a future within the social media and writing/journalism industry!
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