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February has been a big month for music, especially remixes. From Rebecca Black dropping a remix for “Friday” (who saw that coming?) to LEGO—yes, I mean the ones that feel like death when you step on them—dropping a white noise album, there have been a lot of new songs to listen to. However, with the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 shutting down all of our opportunities to shake it in the club, here are my favorite upbeat songs of the month that you should add to your music library ASAP! 

1. Up” by Cardi B

This was an obvious addition. I am a fan of Cardi in general and this song has definitely taken the world—particularly TikTok—by storm. With over two million streams on Spotify alone, Cardi definitely has another hit on her hands. Jamming to this song in my car while informing my steering wheel that I have “big bags bussin’ out the Bentley Bentayga” (which I most certainly do not) is my new favorite form of manifestation. 

2. “PINK MONEY” by Pink Sweat$

A lot of Pink Sweat$’ music tends to be on the more soulful, R&B side of things but occasionally you get an upbeat, feel-good song from him that just hits the spot. This one is definitely still on the soulful side of upbeat but the addition of trumpets and lyrics about not losing and flying on a jet makes me bop my head like a dashboard bobblehead. The whole album is on repeat and will be well into March. 

3. “Moment” by Balthazar

I actually came across this whole album on accident. I had never listened to Balthazar before this album and the only reason I started was because of the album cover. Generally, alternative music is something I enjoy so I figured I would give it a try because why not? “Moment” has a really fun beat and lyrics so it’s easy to dance around your room to it. To be honest, I made my dog dance with me and I think she loved it (or maybe it was because she got a treat after).

4. “Tipsy” by Chloe x Halle

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Photo by Nainoa Shizuru from Unsplash

These two are so extremely talented and this song is no exception. The lyrics of this song kill me (pun intended) every time I hear them. The whole song makes murdering your ex sound like an absolute party. It’s upbeat, catchy and who doesn’t love a good anti-ex song in the middle of Valentine’s month? The whole album is wonderful and if you want a more in-depth read on every song, make sure to check out this article by one of my fellow HCFSU writers, Ananda! 

5. “1 Last Cigarette” by The Band CAMINO

My boyfriend introduced me to The Band CAMINO when we first started dating and I haven’t stopped listening to them since (If I don’t mention this, he will probably roast me when he reads this article.). Unfortunately, COVID also ruined my chance to see them on my birthday with 5 Seconds of Summer and yes, I am still bitter about it several months later. This song is definitely more pop-punk/rock-sounding than their last single and I am honestly living for it. It’s a great dancing song but also a great headbang-in-your-car song. We love versatility in this house.

Well, these are my February top five, upbeat edition. Hopefully, you now have a few songs to add to your music library, unless you’re already a step ahead and have been jamming to these all month. Either way, make sure you keep dancing in your room until your friends or family think you’re annoying and singing at the top of your lungs! 

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Mikayla is a senior at FSU majoring in Political Science with a minor in Communications. She loves chai lattes, reading books, musicals, and waffles. In her free time you can find her curled up in a cozy blanket, napping, or trying to pet an animal (including the ones she shouldn't.)
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