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Top Five Fashion Trends to Keep You Looking Cute and Comfy on Campus This Fall!

Living in Florida in fall makes for a very likeable season. It’s the time of year when Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in season and a whole new wardrobe emerges! The other day, I walked by a group of girls and they were talking about how they were unsure how to dress for the cool weather. It made me wonder if other girls were having the same dilemma. I know I tend to get a little lazy when the end of the semester nears, and dressing to stay warm is always a struggle. I have come up with five looks to help you stay warm and still look cute while taking on this cool fall weather!

Wanting to look cute while taking on the cool air can prove to be a difficult task for almost anyone, but this look takes care of it all! With a cute lightweight dress along with a heavy winter sweater and tights, you are covering all the basics and still able to look stunning! Being able to add or remove layers during fall is certainly a plus because as we all know the weather in Tallahassee can change in an instant.

Boots are a common trend around campus, but check out this look for some ways to make your outfit pop! Accenting your outfits during the fall has proven to be a hot trend this season. Using loud, colored cardigans helps bring your entire outfit together.

For those extremely cool days walking around campus you can keep warm with this style shown above. Leg warmers are in this season and are surprisingly inexpensive (I found them for $7 at Kohls here in Tallahassee) and have been seen all over! Infinity scarves not only help keep you warm and block the wind, but they can be used as an accessory in place of necklaces!

Leggings are a girl’s best friend once fall strikes! Not only are they tremendously comfortable, but they also they look great with oversized shirts and boots! Brown boots with black leggings are in style. Also, adding a large necklace can help tie the entire outfit together with the black/brown combo. 

We all know athletic wear is the way to go when the semester is beginning to wind down. There are cute ways to dress up your comfy look. Spandex athletic pants are just as comfortable as leggings, but a lot warmer, which is perfect for when the weather gets a little chilly! Accenting your athletic look with a colorful jacket paired with some sneakers will make any lazy look appear super cute!

Finding new outfits can often prove to be a difficult task if you aren’t sure exactly how it will look on you, but always remember if you are looking for new, trendy ideas check the Internet! Pinterest and Wanelo are two websites that are constantly coming out with new, up-to-date fashion ideas. Wanelo even uses look book ideas so that you can see each piece individually and tells you where you can find them and how much it will cost!

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