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The Top Destination Spots You Wish You Could Go To

You ever just check your bank account for fun and find out you have a whopping three bucks to your name? Yeah, that’s me right about now, and with spring break right around the corner, it kind of puts a damper on any possible plans. Last spring, I vacationed with friends in Key West but due to a slight altercation between my car and a young, unsuspecting tree, another luxury vacation is not in my future. However, during my time wallowing in self-pity, I created a list of places I wished I could go for spring break. Here they are, in no particular order.

Rome, Italy

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It’s not a typical spring break destination, more of a summer vacation kind of spot, but I want nothing more than to have the Lizzie McGuire experience in Rome. You know, touring Italy on the back of a cherry red Vespa with an Italian pop-star named Paolo. Or I would relax, stroll around the cobblestone side streets shopping at street vendors, devouring gelato for every meal, indulging in fine wines and visiting art galleries like the proud tourist I am.

St. Petersburg, FL

Courtesy: White House Post

If Spring Breakers made me realize anything, it’s that I definitely want my spring break to include:

  1. a Riff Raff-type spring break spirit guide to take me under his wing and care for me.
  2. to get away with committing some ~light~ crime.
  3. to escape mundane school life and find refuge on the beach or a motel pool with friends.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Courtesy: The Atlantic

Haha, just kidding...kind of. 

The Bahamas

Courtesy: Animal Mozo

Picture it: the blue tinted glassy waters, picturesque palm trees hanging low over the ocean, white sand beaches, rich culture and pigs that swim!  Ever since I did a project on the Bahamas my senior year in high school that specifically showcased Pig Beach, a beach populated by feral pigs that you can swim with, I have wanted to go. The Bahamas have a fascinating history of traditions, folklore, art and literature but if you ask me, it’s the pigs that really seal the deal for the Bahamas being a dream destination. It’s not every day you can tell someone you swam with a giant feral pig.


Home is different for everyone, but for the majority of people, it provides the same feelings of security and warmth. I’m from Pennsylvania so I rarely go home, and I’m not one to get homesick but sometimes going home is a vacation all in itself. Think about it. Your parents treat you like a godsend and make your favorite foods, do your laundry and let you sleep in as late as you want. Sure, for most, home may not be a tropical island in the Bahamas or a little villa in Europe but it’s a place to get away from the everyday stresses that come with going to college, and that is a vacation nonetheless.

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