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Top 7 Webcomics to Start Reading This Semester

Webcomics are everywhere nowadays, everyone and anyone has a platform. But how do you sort through the hundreds of comics available to find the good ones? This article contains my top seven comics and if any of these interest you, don't stop there! Most of the artists on this list started up their webcomics by themselves and make these comics just for people like you! These artists have exploded in popularity from their comics, so even if none of these comics meet your fancy there are literally hundreds to choose from and an array of genres.

7. Darbi

Darbi is an action-packed comic about a baby T-Rex created by Sherard Jackson. Darbi is non-stop action with amazing depictions of a time long gone. It's colorful, it's gory and it has characters that'll draw you in with a story you'll never want to put down. However, Darbi isn't for everyone... it’s bloody, explicit and very gory at times, but the pacing of the story is very well done and the rendering of the dinosaurs definitely makes the comic worth it for me.

Courtesy: Twitter

Darbi is available for free on the Webtoon app.

6. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a sweet slice-of-life comic about a very short girl and her colossal boyfriend. Created by the user “fishball” just for fun, this comic has blown up immensely in popularity. With funny anecdotes and exaggerated illustrations, this comic will have you sending screenshots to your significant other texting "@ us!"

Courtesy: Twitter

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is available for free on the Webtoons app.

5. Super Secret

Super Secret is a romance webcomic revolving around a (somewhat clumsy) red-headed girl named Emma and the boy next door, Ryan, who always helps her out. Here's the thing though: Ryan and his entire family are supernatural, with every family member being a different thing. From werewolves to witches, vampires, kitsunes and Frankensteins, you'll find a character to absolutely love.  Created by the artist “eon”, Super Secret has a soft style and a pastel-like color palette to complement its roster of lovable characters.

Courtesy: SEOUL Magazine

Super Secret is available for free on the Webtoons app.

4. The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn is a fantasy webcomic about Oscar Zahn, a paranormal investigator. This comic blew me away with its illustrations crafted beautifully by Tri Vuong. Every panel could be its own work of art and the story is always moving, it doesn't just stay on one path since Oscar goes from case to case. From a house haunted by a baby, a lone soldier left on the battlefield, to a lady guarding her lighthouse, Oscar meets all of these investigations head-on while carrying a little secret of his own.

Courtesy: Webtoons

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn is available for free on the Webtoons app.

3. Nimona

Nimona is the success story we want for every webcomic artist out there because Nimona is now a published comic! The first three chapters of this amazing comic are still available at gingerhaze.com/NIMONA. Written by Noelle Stevenson, Nimona is about a shapeshifting girl who becomes a villain's apprentice. They wreak havoc together until more is learned about the girl herself, the villain's robotic arm and a knight's traitorous joust. I read Nimona within two days because I simply could not put it down, and you won't be able to either.

Courtesy: ComicsAlliance

Nimona is available to purchase at any Barnes and Nobles or Books-A-Million.

2. Lookism

Created by Taejoon Park, Lookism blows me away every time I tune in to read it. Lookism is about a short, chubby, unattractive guy who wakes up one day having two bodies: his old body and his new, tall, fit and extremely attractive body. Lookism highlights how much differently a person can be treated just because of the way they dress or look and it also makes a statement of how much people can make a difference just by speaking up. Every character has a story, every character is unique with their own flaws and mannerisms and every story arc ranges from emotional to absolutely disturbing. Lookism peers into people and what makes a person who they are and how their actions define them. It is an amazing webcomic that will make you think twice about the way you treat the people around you.

Courtesy: Amino Apps

Lookism is available for free on the Webtoons app.

1. Ava's Demon

Ava's Demon is number one on the list because it is absolutely phenomenal. Created by Michelle Czajkowski, this comic has become so popular it is now her full-time job to keep making it, and rightfully so. It looks breathtakingly beautiful, every panel is one picture with the intention of mimicking a storyboard and the comic itself has some animation sequences in it. The story follows a girl named Ava whose mind is haunted by a malicious being that is bent on making Ava kill herself, but when Ava's planet is destroyed she finds herself striking up a deal with this demon of hers. I cannot begin to do the comic justice by just describing it because the story, the art, the absolute passion poured into this project speaks for itself.

Courtesy: Armorbelle

Courtesy: Pinterest

Courtesy: Pinterest

Ava's Demon is available for free at www.avasdemon.com

I'm Sarah, I'm a double major in Creative Writing and Studio Art here at FSU. I've always loved art and writing and sharing what I loved with friends. I can't wait to get started here!
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