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Top 15 Highlights of the 2015 VS Swim Special

Collegiettes, if you’re anything like me, when you heard that the VS Swim Special was going to be aired for the first time ever, you were on your couch at 10pm. No Potbelly’s Thursday or anything of that nature was keeping you from watching this fashion “show.” I’ll admit, I went to the gym earlier and got my sweat on (Leach classes, thank you) so I felt in shape (kind of) while watching these goddess prance around. But, for you Collegiettes out there that partook in going out on a Thursday night (go you!) or simply fell asleep, or just sighed and decided not to watch it, don’t fret, because you’re about to learn all you need to know about the Swim Special! This show definitely brought some heat into this rainy weather we’ve been experiencing!

First Highlight: The Opening Scene of the VS Swim Special 2015. The Angels are in Puerto Rico for this swim suit catalog. The special features: Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Jasmine Tookes, Stella Maxwell, Joan Smalls and Jac Jagaciak. The opening of the show is similar to every VS Fashion Show. Very dramatized and shows each Angel with their name in gold, shimmering letters while the Angel looks very serious. If you’re a true VS fan, you probably have an awed admiration for Adriana Lima or Candice Swanepoel (I mean are they real?). 

Second highlight: We get an introduction to all of the models and the type of shoots they’re going to be participating in. Lily opens up the show by talking about how legendary the show is and how this is the first time they have EVER aired a show like this. Along with Lily, Candice, Behati, and Alessandra talk about what we’ll see during the shoot. We get a view of Coco Beach, and famous photographer Russell James explains the types of angles and pictures he’s really trying to capture with the Angels.

Third Highlight: Behati and Joan (a local of San Juan, Puerto Rico) travel the streets of San Juan to experience Puerto Rican culture. We learn that Behati enjoys taking pictures whenever she travels. Joan tells us about the vibrant buildings of San Juan and shows us the traditional dance of Puerto Rico.

Fourth Highlight: Russell takes Alessandra and Lily for an undersea shoot. We see how Alessandra is a natural, whereas Lily is absolutely terrified and chickens out.

Source: Victoria’s Secret

Fifth Highlight: Next, we learn about how much of an honor it is to get on the cover of Swim Cover. Candice Swanepoel, out of all of the VS models, has the most covers for the swim catalogs. A total of 18 to be exact! She tells us that when she shoots, she looks at herself in the third person and looks at herself as a vixen (mhmm, us too). Russell explains that she’s the adventurer out of all of the Angels.

Sixth Highlight: Stella and Martha, the newer models of VS, show off their talents in the “Sexy Lingerie” commercial for the new bra and underwear line. We learn that it’s Stella’s first commercial and Martha cheers her on. Jerome Duran films the shoot and talks about the different angles and lighting he uses for the VS commercials.

Seventh Highlight: Adam Levine, Behati’s husband, and his band, Maroon 5, perform on the beach for all of the VS Angels. They’re around a campfire with teepees on fire and the Maroon 5 logo outlined in wood and fire. We need to go to one of these campfires, Collegiettes. Talk about hot!

Eighth Highlight: Lily, Candice, Stella and Martha explore the beaches of San Juan in their VS Active Sports-Wear line before taking a break. Candice teaches the girls yoga and they discuss their diet and workout schedule. Talk about a stress-free job!

Ninth Highlight: It’s Behati’s turn to get her photo-op. She talks about how she started as a VS Pink Angel and how incredible her journey with the VS family has been. She talks about how people see her as the boho-hippy Angel, but how she can definitely be serious and bring the sexy to her photos. Behati is the new “It” girl and is one of the most photographed women of our generation! Married to Adam Levine and a VS Angel, talk about the life!

Tenth Highlight: Russell brings Adriana and Joan to the beach to be photographed with wild horses. Adriana and Joan seem nervous, but the images Russell captures are absolutely breathtaking. Russell takes a new approach and decides to use a black and white lens for the photographs. Although the weather doesn’t permit enough time to take these pictures, they come out incredible!

Eleventh Highlight: All of the VS models take a little break and head out to a beach party in Vieques to listen to Colombian superstar Juanes perform. The Angels dance and relax while playing dominoes and chatting away with some of San Juan’s locals. Wish we could have been there, too!

Twelfth Highlight: Angels Candice and Adriana head out to El Yunque Rainforest with photographer Jerome Duran. Adriana says, “she never thought she could find a place this beautiful,” while Candice explains the environment and the difficulty shooting on the slippery rocks. Both Angels seem grateful and are in absolute awe of the beauty of nature. These two Angels are more of the “nature/environment” gals.

Thirteenth Highlight: Angels Candice, Alessandra, Lily, and Behati take on beach volleyball while showing off their sporty bikinis. The vibrant colors of the bikinis and neon eye-wear really makes it hard to not want these little bikinis and sunglasses for spring break. In the end, Lily and Behati win the volleyball game. Oh, and here’s their grand entrance… (very dramatic, no?).

Fourteenth Highlight: To finish off the shoot, Russell James photographs Elsa in a cave on the island. Russell tells us that Elsa is one of his favorite models to photograph because she’s up for any challenge and is very sporty. Elsa tells us that she used to play on a professional basketball team. She says playing for the professional team really helped with her modeling career. Elsa also reveals that she never dreamed of being a model, but was lucky enough to become one (same).  Niki Baratta of Victoria’s Secret says that when Elsa was in the cave, it was unlike anything she’s ever seen. She says the cave’s lighting turned gold, and that Elsa definitely is an upcoming star.

Final Highlight: Maroon 5 closes the show with their hit song, “Animals.” The VS Angels get a private show around the campfire once again. The Maroon 5 logo is lit on fire and the girls dance around the band. In the middle of the song, Adam Levine says, “Wow!” Obviously he’s in awe of their beauty — we are, too, Adam. Behati finishes the show by giving her hubby a kiss after he finishes the song (aw!).

Side-Note: The VS Swim Special features women from around the world (if you couldn’t tell already). Their jobs are to take care of themselves, eat healthy, and constantly work out (they get paid for this, gals). Don’t look at these shows as a way to go on an extreme diet or alter your looks! You’re beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Xoxo

To get these looks check out their website here!

Anjelica MacGregor attends Florida State University as a Junior studying English: Editing, Writing & Media. She is a notable writer who loves writing about everyday life. When she is not writing about the latest trends, she can be found soaking in the sun or breaking a sweat at the local gym. 
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