Top 13 Vegan Eats in Tallahassee

Are you vegan? Vegetarian? What if I could say you could have cookies again? Or a fried chicken sandwich? Whether the vegan lifestyle is a preference or a necessity (like you’re lactose intolerant), I’m going to share some of the prized hidden gems I’ve found that can let you have either! In case you’re new to Tallahassee, new to the vegan lifestyle, or both then you’ll find all the best vegan eats here! Many of the stores are local as well as franchises around the nation. So, if you’re new to town, what are you waiting for? You may be surprised how many of these businesses endorse vegan/vegetarian options and have special discounts!

1. Insomnia Cookies

At the end of 2017, Insomnia Cookies released their very first gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip cookie! The cookies literally taste like the real deal, if not better! If you haven’t gotten your hands on these, don’t worry, they come in a pack of six.

Courtesy: PhillyVoice

2. Sweet Pea Cafe

Located off of Tharpe Street, check out Tallahassee’s most underrated hidden gem. Sweet Pea Cafe is a vegan’s dream. Non-vegans have even admitted how good their food is! My favorite is the quesadilla. It comes with rice and beans along with a cheesy quesadilla with several toppings for only $6!

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

3. Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

Good ol’ southern soul food can be found here and not nearly with as much guilt. There are vegan options along with their vegetarian based menu. Unlike Sweet Pea, this one is a little bit more pricey but totally worth it because just by looking at the size of their plates with the amount of food, you can split the cost and plate with someone! Or keep it for yourself for some hearty leftovers.

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4. Chipotle

Who doesn’t love Chipotle? Well, unless you were the select few involved in the E. coli epidemic, there shouldn’t be any hard feelings. Chipotle carries sofritas, which is their ground tofu as well as veggie bowls! If you get a veggie bowl, you get a side of FREE guacamole. If that won’t send you back to Chipotle, then do it for their lime chips and white rice.

Courtesy: Chow Vegan

5. Cabo’s Island Grill and Bar

Cabos’s is off of Apalachee Parkway and has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options! You can get a guacamole and chips as a starter, supreme salad with a black bean patty, a black bean burger, veggie wraps, tofu specials, soups, and pasta. It’s worth checking out!

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6. Sahara Greek and Lebanese Cafe

If you love falafel, then you’re about to fall in love all over again. Sahara’s falafel pita paired with the vegetarian grape leaves or lentil soup is so good! For dessert, they have Baklava which is not vegan but is vegetarian.

Courtesy: Foursquare

7. Pho Me Vietnamese Noodle Bar

Pho is a national soup in the Vietnamese culture. Pho Me allows substitution and customization of mostly all their menu items. Their vegan dish is called Mi Quang Chay. Pulled from the menu, “Vegan quang noodles. A vegetable and turmeric based soup served over pho noodles topped with fried tofu, tempeh and peanuts. Topped with a mixture of scallions, onions and cilantro.” This seems like the perfect meal!


8. Gaines Street Pies

Gaines Street Pies has specialty pizzas to personal pizzas! Daiya cheese is a deliciously similar alternative to dairy cheese. Make sure to check out the Mo Rockin’ and Derek Sanders is a vegetarian pizza! The chain restaurants like Blaze and Mellow Mushroom also offer a cheese alternative and gluten-free crust.

Courtesy: Gaines Street Pies

9. Wells Brothers Bar and Grill

College Day at Well’s Brothers is the perfect time to check out their vegetarian options! On their site, they present the symbol which means the meal is vegetarian along with, “Herbivores won’t go hungry.” It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, drink beer, and watch the football games on the platinum screen TVs.

Courtesy: Wells Brothers Bar and Grill

10. Kool Beanz Cafe

Created by two FSU students, Kool Beanz Cafe is another hidden gem of Tallahassee. Under the "Greens and Stuff" section, you will find veggie meatballs, fried green tomatoes, black bean cakes and more! Check out this gem on Thomasville Road.

Courtesy: Tallahassee Daily Photo

11. Black Dog Cafe

If you’re new to Tallahassee, you have to visit Lake Ella. Along the lake, you can find a strip of local stores selling modest goods and homemade ice cream. Black Dog Cafe has vegan milk alternatives for your coffee and even vegan baked goods like chocolate chip cookies and apple bars.

Courtesy: Traipsathon

12. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is infamous for their meat supreme tacos but did you know they have black bean and refried beans to substitute your meat with? Ditch the cheese, switch out the beef for beans, add guacamole and your options are limitless. My favorite is the crunchwrap supreme with beans, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole. For something sweet, the cinnamon twists are vegan, and they are delicious.

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13. Bento Asian Kitchen and Sushi

Started by a UF alumnus, Bento is widely popular here in Tallahassee and at their other locations like in Orlando and Gainesville. Their tofu is marinated in your choice of their sauces and you can get a Bento Box or a bowl with your choice of brown or white rice or any noodle from rice to lo mein. Their Szechwan sauce is definitely the perfect amount of sweet and spicy!

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