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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited to Say Goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring—Frozen Style

The birds are chirping and the trees are blooming, meaning spring is in the air! Here are some reasons to get excited for the new season.

The cold, sleet-filled winter days are beginning to end, so no more feeling numb every time you go outside!

Even though we are sad to see those super comfy oversized sweaters go, we can finally pull out those super cute crop tops, high waisted shorts, and skirts we’ve been saving for the warmer seasons!

You can start wearing all of the new spring trends, hairstyles, and nail colors you’ve been thinking about.

You can finally go out at night while looking super hot without freezing!

You can work on your tan by soaking up some sun either at the beach or by the pool.

Going off of the last point, you can finally go to the beach again! What’s not to love about that?

You don’t have to be cooped up indoors because it’s too cold to do anything outside.

Everyone just seems happier.

The days are longer, so you can stay outside longer.

Everything outside is beautiful! The flowers are all in bloom and the animals are starting to come out, giving us gorgeous flowers and scenery.

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