Tomi Lahren: Love Her or Hate Her, She Deserves Respect

The famous and somewhat infamous Tomi Lahren has been working for multiplatform conservative news source The Blaze for the past two years, earning herself a feature named “Final Thoughts.” Her extremely conservative points of view have given her a spotlight in the past year. The video that really gave her a lot of publicity was her Colin Kaepernick video where she called him out for kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance. The video received about 53 million views. The video was shared all over Facebook and earned her many new followers on social media. However, her videos on hot and trending topics have earned her a lot of controversy in the past few years. 

Courtesy: Pinterest

Reasons why Tomi is disliked:

- She defended Donald Trump after his crude video describing how he gets women and told Clinton supporters to “shut the hell up.”

- She yells a good amount during her videos and has been said to be “whiny.”

- She does not have much experience with political media and has been said to come off too strong.

- She is a young conservative, which is not very common.

- She talks badly about celebrities that are extremely adored (like Beyonce).

Reasons why Tomi is liked:

- Tomi brings out hot topics and is not afraid to speak her mind.

- She is young but knows a lot about politics.

- She is hardworking and has a good job at the age of 24.

- She goes around the United States and gives empowering speeches. 

Whether you love her or not, she should be respected for her knowledge of politics and her passion. You may not agree with her viewpoints but she is still a woman in power, and that in itself is something to be proud of.  

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