Tired of Strozier? Here Are 5 of the Best Underrated Study Spots on Campus

With the end of the semester approaching, we're all looking to find a good place to study and relax. As fun as the crowds at Strozier and Landis Green can be, with the number of people rushing to book a study room and cute dogs distracting us from our studious responsibilities, these spots have become places that aren’t the best to study. Take a look at these underrated study spots on campus that can make your finals week that much smoother. All five of these study spots are special in their own way so no matter what type of studier you are, you'll definitely be able to enjoy at least one of them!

Mina Jo Powell Green

This gives you the Landis Green feel with a much smaller crowd. The trees provide great shade and you can stretch out and relax without interruptions. There are spots to hang a hammock and throw a frisbee as well. But don’t forget those books because this is also a great place to look over that hefty study guide your professor just posted.

Courtesy: Legacy Walk

Student Life Center

The SLC is known for being the place to catch a screening of a new movie but that’s not all it’s good for. During the day when movies aren't being shown, it becomes a great space to study and relax. There are plenty of couches, tables and chairs for you to station yourself for hours on end. Also, the SLC is home to The Grindhouse Cafe, so if you need a caffeine refreshment or a warm pastry you can easily get one!

Courtesy: Travel Notes

Dodd Hall

This is by far one of the most impressive spots on campus when it comes to the architecture and stained glass windows. Not many people know that you can also use this beautiful location as a study space. Since the room is fairly quiet it can be the perfect place for you to study solo!

Courtesy: Legacy Walk

Owen F. Sellers Music Amphitheater

This is the perfect spot to relax if you don’t want an area that's too quiet. From a seat near these steps, it's common to hear students in the College of Music rehearsing. On any day you can hear violins or flutes and even Ariana Grande-esque vocals. Overall this is a nice place to stay in the shade and read a good book or look over notes. Whether you’re studying or just taking a quick break, the beautiful live music echoing from the halls makes this spot incredible.

Courtesy: Leon Schools

The FSU Rez

Though it isn't on campus, The Rez is an FSU-run location that I frequent whenever I get a chance, especially when I’m stressed. Whether you go for a nice walk by yourself or head out on a canoe with some friends, this is the perfect place to decompress and get some fresh air away from the stress of school. But if you are looking to study, there are so many spots where you can set up camp and have the luxury of seeing the glistening water every time you look up from your laptop screen.

Courtesy: Visit Tallahassee