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Tips for Juggling All of Life’s Never-Ending Responsibilities

Just like everyone else, I know the struggle of trying to stay organized and keep everything together. Whether everything or nothing is going right in your life right now, help is always appreciated when learning how to destress and keep yourself in one piece. 

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1. Plan

Oh goodness. I don’t think there’s one thing in this world that could replace planning and keep things together as much as a planner and some time. Also, keep in mind that planning is different for everyone. I’m sure you’ve seen the girls with study grams that showcase their gorgeous note-taking skills and bullet journals. If you’re one of these girls, great for you! If not, don’t sweat it. There are so many different ways to organize. Whether it’s online google calendar planning, bullet journals or habit tracking apps, find what is best for YOU. 

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2. Make a To-Do List

I’m sure you’ve also heard this a million times. But if you’ve heard it so much, doesn’t that mean that there must be some truth to it? It has been proven that writing things down makes you more likely to do them. Whether you have them premade for every day of the week or start fresh every day, writing down assignments or errands really helps keep your mind in one place. I’ve found myself less stressed when making to-do lists and adding how much time tasks will take you also helps with deciding what tasks to perform and complete first. 

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3. Learn When It’s Time To Take a Break

One of the hardest things to learn is your stress threshold. I’m stressed, you’re stressed, your neighbor’s dog is stressed. I mean, why else would it be barking at all times of the day? But seriously. If you have to lead yourself to a panic attack every time you start feeling overwhelmed, it is time to start practicing some self-care and learn when to put that to-do list away, even if it’s full of stuff. As doctors say, how can you care for anyone or anything else if you don’t care for yourself? Stressing yourself out will not get things done faster, but rather lengthen the time it takes you to complete tasks and the quality of your work. 

Honestly, do whatever works best for you. Also, you don’t need to stick to these things as if they are the holy grail. Do what works best for you when it works best for you. As a student just like most of you, I’d recommend checking out Notion. I’ve started using it this semester and really love it’s loads of templates online. Until next time, keep the stress down low and get to organizing. 

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Kyla Roginski is a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences at Florida State University. She grew up in New York and recently lived in Panama City Beach, FL. She has a cat named Lydia, a dog named Teddy, loves snickerdoodles, and is obsessed with updating her LinkedIn profile.
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