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Time Capsule: First Years Gabrielle and Camden

We’re all familiar with getting those “Year(s) Ago Today” Snapchat memories and it makes me think of them as a yearly time capsule. Half the time, I have no idea what I was doing a year or two ago until it’s thrown in my face to remember! With getting into the grove of classes, work and having an article, I was struggling to think of a unique start to my writing semester. Then, it hit me. I wanted to create an article that doubled as a time capsule for two first-year Her Campus members that are in the same writing group as me. As we dive into the interview, we will learn more about Gabrielle (Gabbi) Santeiro and Camden Rice, and what they hope to grow into!

Her Campus (HC): Just to get the basics out of the way, where is your hometown, what’s your age and school status (major/minor, grade level)?

Gabrielle Santeiro (GS): I’m from Tampa, Florida and I’m a 19-year-old sophomore. I’m a first-year Florida State student, majoring in Public Relations with plans to double major in Editing, Writing and Media.

Camden Rice (CR): I’m from Naples, Florida, I’m 18 years old, and similar to Gabrielle, I am a first-year Florida State student but a sophomore by credits. I’m majoring in Editing, Writing and Media!

HC: How did you find out about Her Campus?

GS: In summer 2020, they followed me on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to it, as I’m passionate about writing and was looking for something new.

CR: I was in an advising meeting where they were talking about different organizations and Her Campus was brought up! Immediately I wanted to find out more, so I followed them on Instagram.

HC: What made you want to join HC?

GS:  After seeing their Instagram page, I instantly wanted to join because I enjoy writing. I was also very excited about the idea of bonding over my love of writing with a fun and intelligent group of women.

CR: I wanted to join HC because I've always wanted to be a writer and to be part of a community. After looking through the HC's Instagram, I saw how close all the girls were and from then on, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of. 

HC: What are you hoping to/expecting to get out of HC? Do any of your long term or short term goals get assisted by being part of HC?

GS: By being a part of Her Campus, I hope to gain the writing skills that will be necessary for my career in the future, as my biggest goal is to be doing anything that involves writing wherever I am 10 years from now. I also hope to form friendships here that last for years to come; everyone is so kind here, so it won't be difficult.

CR: I'm hoping to be able to grow as a writer and make some great friendships. I'm very excited to work on my articles, get them published and show people my writing. My dream career is to be an editor so being a part of HC is very beneficial for that.

[bf_image id="7c4pshw3vzx896hcqxhgbf4"] HC: Where do you predict your life to be when you are in your senior year? And what do you want it to look like?

GS: I hope that by my senior year, I will be met with internship opportunities and prospects for graduate school, along with a solid profile to demonstrate that I am a formidable writer.

CR: By my senior year I hope to have been able to do study abroad at some point, and to have a job lined up. Hopefully, COVID is nonexistent by that point. I might end up going to graduate school, who knows. 

HC: If you could leave a note to your future self from your current standpoint in life, what would it be?

GS: I would tell my future self that despite being in a weird place in life as a first-year student, I have every intention of finding my place on campus and making a good path for my future.

CR: If I could leave a note to my future self from where I am now, I would say to put yourself out there more. Applying to HC was kind of out of my comfort zone but I'm so happy that I did, and I hope my future self continues to join more organizations and enjoy her time here at FSU.

HC: Is there anything fun you want to add about yourself to include in the article (such as current interests)?

GS: Some of my hobbies include listening to music and ranting about how much I love it, writing, educating myself about world news and random trivia, and bonding with friends over all these things. 

CR: I'm really into reading, I'm always down for a trip to Barnes and Noble. I love all types of music and am always looking for the next song to add to my playlist!

After getting to learn more about Gabrielle and Camden, I can’t wait to read their articles which you can find on our HCFSU page! My best advice is to socialize and meet as many people as you can, socially distant for now of course and the odds of finding one or a group of people with similar hobbies will make your time with Her Campus at Florida State University the greatest!

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