Thoughts on Las Vegas: Can Mass Shootings Be Prevented?

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“No Way to Prevent This...” Those are the first five words of an article recently published by The Onion in regard to the recent, tragic Las Vegas shooting. However, the words following in the title put everything into perspective: “...Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.” The United States has had over 270 mass shootings in the year 2017 alone, and yet after each one, nothing seems to change. What will it take for our nation to finally take a real stand and do something about this unacceptable issue? To make matters worse, this exact headline has been used for FIVE other articles on The Onion regarding mass shootings in the U.S. within the last four years. This fact alone should come off as absolutely terrifying to all.

Courtesy: ABC News

On Sunday, Oct. 1, a gunman killed over 50 people and left hundreds more wounded. Those are people’s mothers, fathers, siblings, children and friends. How are we allowing such things happen to so frequently? We need real action, not speeches or tweets from politicians saying how sorry they are about these tragedies. The frequency of mass shootings within the U.S. is alarming and quite disturbing, to say the least. 

Courtesy: NBC News

I am 19-years-old, and I have already lived through multiple headlines that read something along the lines of, “U.S. Deadliest Mass Shooting.” This is nowhere near okay. I am tired of hearing that there’s nothing to be done, or that now is not the time to talk about gun control or other related issues. Everyone must take a stand, come together, and start putting much more emphasis on what is occurring within our nation in order to begin preventing future attacks such as the one in Las Vegas. 

Courtesy: CNBC