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Dear Girl Reading This,

We as women share more universal experiences in this world than we care to admit. Day in and day out, we are pushed to our limits. We sometimes have trouble finding our worth and we give way too many passes (speaking from experience). We deal with a lot of you know what and get unfair responsibilities placed on us. Men get so many freebies using the age or immaturity cop-out often, yet they get the stigma that they are the gender that has to work the hardest? A lot of people joke that girls can get anywhere with our pretty looks (another invalidation of our experiences), but can we be real? Life can be hard for us. Life IS hard for us… pretty face or not.

Let’s talk.

We’re put to the test, forced to prove ourselves at every checkpoint. 

Dear Diary,

No one takes me seriously. I’m in a leadership role yet none of the guys care to listen to any of my input. How do I get their respect?

Dear Diary, 

I am stressed. I’m a minority in my major. Sometimes, I feel so alone. I need someone to study with. 

We deal with men and all that in itself brings. 

Dear Diary, 

It’s me again. It’s him again. He makes me feel awful about myself. When he is in the wrong, he still finds a way to blame me. SOS!

There is constant societal pressure to do our hair just right, be presentable and apply make-up. A lot of people still use the dated phrase, “Let’s be lady-like!” This is a constant reminder that we cannot be the thing we crave most: comfortable.

Dear Diary,

It’s simply one of those days. Everyone thinks I’m on my period, but I’m really just having a bad day. I’m not always PMS-ing. My feelings are valid. 

We get a bad rep for being drama queens. In reality, we care about the little things. We care about our friends and will do whatever to save them.

Dear Diary,

I don’t want to lose my best friend, but she hasn’t been a good friend lately. She puts me down in front of others to seem cool and lately has been super judgmental. I don’t know what to do.

Dear Diary,

I’ve been a bad friend. I’ve been selfish. I think I’m about to lose her. How do I tell her I’m really sorry?

While all of these experiences are very real, the purpose of this article is not to victimize womanhood. If anything, we are survivors. With all of the things thrown at us, more times than not, we live to see the other side of it. True perseverance. If you’re one of those people who are currently in the thick of it and the storm has yet to pass, my only advice is to simply see it through. Our beings possess more strength than we can imagine, more determination than those around us think, and a lot of brainpower. Our experiences are valid. Our feelings are valid. We don’t need the validation of others, as we have the power to validate ourselves. Isn’t it great to be a woman?

That was for the girls,


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