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What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You by a Peanut Allergy Sufferer

Halloween has always been known as a time for spooky tricks and sweet treats. But for those with food allergies like myself, it has also been a dangerous time as peanut butter, milk and gluten run rampant. I have dealt with a fatal peanut and tree nut allergy my whole life, so as a little kid, I had to learn which candies I could and could not eat, especially around trick-or-treating time. What I have noticed as Halloweens have passed and my friends and I have grown older is that peanut lovers are very passionate. They always talk about the combinations of peanuts and candy and how they could “nEvEr iMaGIne HAvIng A pEaNUt aLLerGy.”

As Halloween quickly approaches and everyone pulls out their most loved candy, here is what your favorite candy says about you.


You’re a Snickers lover, and everyone knows it because you never stop talking about it. You also need to command a room. You call it being a natural leader, and you think it makes you cool and edgy.


Soft and crunchy. You have a soft exterior with a self-assured, hard inner core. You make friends easily, but you still protect your inner personality. You are still a people person, and people love spending time with you, but you are also more than happy going solo.


You are basic in a not-so-cool way. You wear American Eagle skinny jeans and mom sweaters with Ugg or Sperry boots. “Christian Girl Autumn” is your time to shine. The scent of a pumpkin spice latte follows you everywhere.

Kit kat

Old reliable. You are always there when people need you, and you can never say no to helping someone. You let people treat you wrong, but at least you are besties with Kourtney Kardashian. 

Almond Joy

People call you an “old soul.” Your favorite music is the 70s and 80s hits, like Simon and Garfunkel, Hall and Oates and The Beatles. You only date older people since you think they are drama-free when really, they are probably just toxic.

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate

You are so attractive, and you have to turn down potential partners left and right. You know your self-worth, and you are full of self-confidence without being cocky.

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

You talk nonstop. Like seriously, you never stop talking, and you were the kid in class that the teacher always had to send out of the room for talking during quiet time.


Coming from a queer person, you are probably queer too. I love Dots, but you love them because you hate chocolate. You are the great equalizer, Switzerland if you will, of social situations. You are invited to all social events because you never have drama with anyone. Everyone enjoys having you around, even if they do not indulge in conversation with you.

Nutter Butter

Some say that your presence gets dry and stale after a while, and your friends can only tolerate you in small bites. Older people like spending time with you more than people your age, so you always had a seat at the adult table at Thanksgiving. Even though you sat at the adult table though, you never got to speak.


Although most find you sour because of your RBF, your close friends love you dearly. You are tiny, but you are mighty. You pack a punch with even the smallest addition to the conversation. 

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Erin is a sophomore at FSU majoring in Criminology and International Affairs. In addition to Her Campus, she is involved in Transfer Genius, Leadership LOGIC, and the Criminology Student Leadership Council. Erin enjoys being creative, spending time with friends, cooking, and learning new things.
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