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The Best Things About Summer in Florida

Now, depending on who you ask, the enjoyability of a Florida summer strongly differs from person to person. Often considered a pinnacle for tourism and travel, many of those who reside in Florida for the simple summer months or happen to visit the state for a Disneyland vacation may have favorable opinions on Florida’s appeal. The warm weather, the exciting attractions, the prospect of close beaches, there’s seemingly much allure. However, I’ve found this opinion is one that typically belongs to visitors and visitors only. If you have ever befriended a Florida native, or are one yourself, I’m sure you’re familiar with the disdain which people often hold towards their own state. The unbearable heat, the roads clustered with outsiders, the less-than-stellar beaches now even more packed than ever. While I, myself, have definitely viewed this home state of mine in this more than negative light, it’s about time that we regard Florida for the attraction it is and utilize the space we were given, rather than cast aside the entire state simply because we feel it gets a bit too hot. Here’s to a summer where we all enjoy this state like tourists, and here are some of the best things about summer in Florida. 

It’s pretty much a given that the Florida beaches would have to be mentioned here. Whether you consider yourself a beach person or not, some of the beaches home to Florida are absolutely remarkable, some questionable, but all have appeal to at least someone. Growing up, I never considered myself a beach person necessarily, until I understood the fact that not all beaches are alike. While some beaches are livelier, filled to the brim with live music, families covering the sand and college visitors invading the water, others are much more peaceful, nearly empty and comfortingly quiet aside from the sounds of crashing waves. After distinguishing which beaches breed which environment, it is much easier to appreciate them for what they are: natural beauties of the state that we’re lucky to experience. Nothing compares to watching a sunset on the west coast of Florida or a sunrise on the east, nor the feel of water on your skin shielding you from the 90 degrees weather. 

If you get bored of the beaches and your hometown in general, the many theme parks Florida houses are nothing more than a short drive away. Theme parks may not be for everyone, but they are a nice change of pace and an experience everyone should have at least once. Whether you enjoy the thrill of hefty rollercoasters or prefer to delve into the scene of magical castles and characters, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And better yet, there isn’t even a need to dedicate an entire trip to the heart of attractions, Orlando, to experience the feel of amusement parks; many cities and towns offer their own mini attractions to appeal to visitors. Places like the Daytona Boardwalk and Kissimmee amusement parks offer the slingshot ride and many others in a playful and active environment, mirroring the feel of much larger parks without the expensive price point. 

For those who need no convincing on the allure of summer, at that, summers in Florida, you’ll be much obliged to consider the sheer length of Florida summers accompanied by the warm weather. In comparison to other, more northern states, Florida is one of the few regions that begin to move past wintery cold weather as soon as March. By April, the weather has already returned to its expected 80 degrees. The length of the days extends, running from nearly 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., the clear skies and blaring sun making essentially every day an opportunity to make new memories and enjoy your summertime.

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Alexa is a Freshman majoring in English and Political Science. Her hobbies include stealing cats and creating voice memos to look back on <3 You can find her running on the track at three in the morning crying to Mitski!
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