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Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes of 2021

Pop culture Halloween costumes are always great options, especially this year. Here are some of the best and most trendy Halloween costumes of 2021, including characters from TV shows, celebrities and online games. 

olivia rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo was definitely one of the stars of 2021, with her debut single “driver’s license,” which was released on Jan. 8, breaking a string of records. The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100, making Rodrigo the youngest artist ever to debut atop the chart. Rodrigo’s hit was also trending on TikTok, with various creators doing transition videos to the song, or relating to it through their own experiences. Later, her song “good 4 u” was released on May 14, also topping the charts. Her songs “brutal” and “deja vu” also started trends on apps like TikTok. So, it’s safe to say that she was a trendsetter of 2021, with her lively songs and music videos—including her outfits. 

Rodrigo’s outfit in her “good 4 u” music video or in the cover of her album Sour is definitely not too complex to recreate this Halloween, while also being stylish. To recreate the “good 4 u” look, all you need is some flower clips for your hair, a blue/white cheerleader outfit (which can be thrifted) and a pair of black latex gloves. To recreate her Sour cover look, you’ll need a pink tank top, blue plaid skirt, silver necklaces, rings and small stickers for your face. Rodrigo’s outfits are by no doubt one of the best pop culture Halloween costumes of 2021. 

outer banks

Outer Banks was released in April 2020—becoming an instant hit as soon it made its Netflix debut. The show follows John B’s adventure as he, with his group of friends, tries to uncover the gold of a sunken ship that his dad had been after for years. The thrilling and adventurous show became the favorite of many, as well as inspiring people to create new trends. The release of season two in 2021 brought back the trends, inspiring people to buy head bandanas and summer clothes to recreate some of the outfits inspired by the show. 

To recreate one of John B’s iconic and laid-back outfits, you’ll need a Hawaiian shirt (anything colorful, patterned and loose), jean shorts and a twisted bandana to tie around your neck. To recreate Kiara’s iconic outfits, you’ll need a tie-dye t-shirt, jean shorts and beaded necklaces and bracelets. To recreate Sarah’s style, which is slightly more chic but still casual, wear a tube top (like her iconic orange one) and high-waisted white jeans. Putting on layered necklaces, one with your initial and one with stars, will also help achieve the Sarah look! Moreover, to achieve Pope’s style, you’ll need a neutral-colored button-down shirt as well as board shorts and a baseball cap. And lastly, if you want to go as JJ, you definitely need combat boots, a tank top with cutoff levees, cargo pants and a leather necklace.

squid game

Squid Game, which was released on Netflix on Sep. 17, is considered Netflix’s number one hit—and it unquestionably set new trends on social media and gained a lot of attention. Squid Game is about characters that are struggling financially joining a strange game and later learning that they are competing for their lives. The players are killed by men in red suits if they fail the games. 

The distinct green and red jumpsuits of Squid Game are iconic for the show and they will definitely be one of the most popular options this year. To recreate any of the players’ costumes, you’ll need their green jumpsuit. The one I linked specifically belongs to the character Kang Sae-byeok (player 067) but there are many other characters’ jumpsuits available as well. To recreate any of the mysterious guards’ costumes in Squid Game, you’ll need their red tracksuit and masks. 

among us

Among Us is an online multiplayer murder mystery game that was released in 2018. The game got extremely popular in mid-2020, during quarantine. It surpassed 217 million downloads by November and its popularity continued throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021 as well. People played the game with their friends or random strangers. The purpose of the game was to find an impostor who had to eliminate the players and sabotage them using several tactics. If the crewmates could complete all the tasks before the impostor could eliminate all of the players, they’d win. 

Since Among Us is a big part of 2020 and 2021—the Halloween costumes inspired by Among Us will most likely be popular this year. To recreate an Among Us crewmate, you can go for this polyester and breathable inflatable costume, available in four different colors. If you want something less inflated, you could also go for a regular jumpsuit and a spaceman helmet, which have blue and red alternatives.

Pop culture costumes are always fun to go with, especially costumes inspired by the year’s most famous trends. Whether you’re going as a group or individually with your pop-culture-inspired costume of 2021, have fun and make your costume stand out!

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