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This past month Texas was hit with one of the roughest storms the state has seen since Hurricane Harvey. With death tolls rising and millions without power, the state of Texas is frozen and helpless since the snowstorm struck. Many counties have been without power and water for up to a week and the state is in urgent need of fresh food and clean water. Death rolls rising is the result of frozen homes and low temperatures. This storm is one that was a surprise to the majority of the public. 

Tensions rose in Texas as well this past week, as senator of the state Ted Cruz caused outrage when he took a trip out of state as the snow hit the ground. Many Texans weren’t happy with this news but kept their spirits up and hoped that their houses wouldn’t freeze as power outages spread from county to county.

“All 254 counties will have been impacted in some way by the freeze,” said Lee Loftis, director of government affairs for the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. This statement has held true to itself since the news this past week has shown many homes still without power and clean water. The San Antonio Water System Management issued statements this past Monday, Feb. 22, regarding boil water notices and recommending civilians to boil ice makers and flush pipes before use. Household water tanks and pipes freezing has caused so many issues for plumbers to fix. Many plumbers have been called out back out this past week from home to home to fix uncounted stretches of burst pipes. Many don’t know how they’ll pay out of pocket for the cost of repairs in pipe damage. In the Houston Area, officials have confirmed the start of a relief fund to help aid the costs to vulnerable families in need. 

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The power outages stretching across 254 counties have caused death tolls to rise this past week, resulting in a saddening 80 deaths. Due to the demand for produce and clean water, millions urge others who aren’t involved in the storm to donate and send canned goods to charities that work with natural disasters. This is one of the most extreme icy blasts Americas Mid-West has seen and with luck, it strikes in the peak of flu season and the COVID pandemic. These circumstances make matters worse for the public who are more susceptible to disease and health complications caused by cold weather. Power outages have been a large cause of death tolls rising since the temperature are low, houses have been freezing inside and out.             

As Texas faces nearly one of the worst snowstorms they’ve ever faced, along with coronavirus making its impact among the U.S there’s a constant need for support and kindness to our friends and loved ones in Texas. Even if you don’t know someone personally affected by the destruction, you can easily donate to many organizations such as the American Red Cross and Natural Relief Funds to help Texans recover from the damage. 

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