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Texan Reacts to Visiting Publix for the First Time

Before I moved to Florida, I had heard nothing but praises of this grocery store. Anyone I met from Florida would talk nonstop about this wonderful place that sold amazing sandwiches, sweet tea and so much more. Having been in Florida for over a month, I figured it was finally time I give Publix a try.

The first time I went to Publix was somewhat of an accident. It was Sunday night and my roommate mentioned the soon-to-be hurricane headed our way. She suggested we go ahead and get supplies, so we sought refuge at Publix. Upon walking in, I noticed the efficiency of the workers alongside how busy the store was.

The first thing I noticed was the heavenly smell coming from the bakery. The best way to describe the bakery: Subway on steroids. The sandwiches are not only delicious, but everything tastes incredibly fresh. They offer more out of the box selections like the chicken tender pub-sub, that is without a doubt a must try.



However, what I was most excited for was undeniably the sweet tea. Growing up in Texas, I’m a self-described sweet tea connoisseur. I can’t lie, when someone told me this would be the best sweet tea I’ve ever had, I was skeptical. Up until Publix, I have to give the best sweet tea award to a family owned business in Texas called Prasek’s. Although, I’m afraid Publix may have Prasek’s beat. Publix sweet tea is best described as otherworldly. It has the perfect amount of sugar that leaves your taste-buds in heaven. Suffice to say, I’m going to keep a stash in the dorm room from now on.

Another thing I had heard Floridian’s sing praises of was Publix cake. My roommate tried to describe to me the disappointment one would feel at a birthday party when there wasn’t Publix cake. I didn’t understand until I had the first bite. While I will always hold Nothing Bundt Cakes in my heart, Publix cake takes the gold. The part I’m most crucial on any dessert is always the icing. My mom’s love for buttercream icing runs in my veins. With that being said, I’m inherently picky about buttercream icing seeing as most fall short. Nonetheless, I think I have found the best buttercream icing known to mankind. Like the sweet tea, it’s indescribable but in the best way possible.

In addition to the cake, I felt obligated to try the cookies. I have an affection for Great American Cookies, don’t even get me started on the double-doozies, but needed to see for myself if Publix could top them. Once again, Publix shattered my world by providing something that topped everything I have ever had in my life. The sugar and chocolate cookies are absolutely amazing. While given out free to little kids, you may be able to snag one if you’re nice to the person working the counter.



All in all, I am now proclaiming my love for Publix. If I could move into the store, I most definitely would. Until then, I’m going to continue trying to figure out how I can get a lifetime supply of their sweet tea. If for some ungodly reason you’ve never been to Publix, make your way to one ASAP and bring me a gallon of their sweet tea.

All images courtesy of McKenzie Ozment



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