The Terror of Tallahassee Is Still Haunting This Capitol

Reaching the mid-point of spooky season and you still haven’t had a good scare? Fear no more! Tallahassee has an extremely haunted house location called the Terror of Tallahassee. This attraction is an annual month-long event located right near FSU, FAMU and TCC. These houses feature scares that are said to be more intense than Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Anyone under the age of 13 is urged to have parental guidance. 

If you have never been to any kind of haunted house here is what you can expect to experience at Terror of Tallahassee (no spoilers for the specific scares though):

“Experience death after life.” Unlike most haunted houses that send you in a continuous line, here you and a very small group will be sent into the house. The reason for such a small, separated group is to prevent anyone from knowing when the next scare will happen. Once you and your group are in the house, almost every single corner is guaranteed to have something pop out at you. Dependent on the theme of the house, there will be strobe lights, pitch-black rooms, bugs, snakes, clowns and anything else you might be terrified of. Houses are said to take 20 to 25 minutes to walk through, but it will feel like a lot longer. 

The scares started at the beginning of October, but if you haven’t had the chance to go, don’t worry it’s still going on. The image below shows all the dates and times that the event is still happening. No Halloween plans? They’ll be open till midnight that day! You can purchase your tickets either online or in person, but online is much quicker and easier to get you into the gates. Can’t afford the inflated costs of Halloween Horror Nights? A regular adult ticket at Terror of Tallahassee is only $18, and if you are into haunted houses and all things scary that is an absolute steal. Guests also have the option of purchasing a VIP fast-pass for only $25. The lines can get long, so if you were looking to just get in the houses as quick as possible the VIP pass is the way to go. 

If you or anyone you know in Tallahassee is interested in getting their scare on, the Terror of Tallahassee is the place to visit. Can’t drive all the way to Orlando for Halloween Horror nights? Located only a half a mile from Doak Campbell Stadium, the Terror of Tallahassee is a central location for FSU, FAMU and TCC students. 


Don’t let October end without getting spooky. You don’t have to go far to experience Halloween!

All photos courtesy of Terror of Tallahassee 


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