Tallyteesbypaige: Your New Stop for Tailgate Tees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Football season! With the football games comes tailgates, and what better way to support the team than being decked out in your favorite Florida State tees? TallyTees by Paige is the new stop for all your tailgate fashion. 

Name: Paige Sechrist

Year: Freshman

Major: Criminology

Hometown: Oviedo, Florida

What she does in her free time: Paige is a full-time Florida State student working on her gen-eds. She also loves to make clothes and craft.

Paige is the founder of Tallytees by Paige, a DIY collegiate apparel line. I had the pleasure of interviewing Paige to get an inside scoop on who she is and how her clothing came to be!

HerCampus (HC): What is the name of your company?

Paige Sechrist (PS): Tallyteesbypaige

HC: What made you want to start making clothes as a small business?

PS: I’ve been making shirts for my friends and myself for a while now and they told me to start selling them!

HC: What clothes are you making/ What do you do to them?

PS: I make clothes by designing them and then making them by acid washing and sewing!

HC: Do you only DIY FSU clothes?

PS: I primarily make clothes for FSU and colleges my friends attend, but I’ve made plenty of other college tees because I take special orders!

HC: Where do you see Tallyteesbypaige going in the future? Do you plan on expanding it?

PS: Right now I’m just doing it for fun and because I love seeing girls wear my shirts on game day! I might expand it in the future but I’ve only been at it for a couple of months so we’ll see! 

HC: Where can girls go to see and buy your products?

PS: On my page’s Instagram, @tallyteesbypaige, and I can always be reached by DM if anyone has questions!

From making collegiate and game day apparel in her free time to posting her products on Instagram, Paige has truly become a young female entrepreneur making the most out of game days. Be sure to check out her Instagram, @tallyteesbypaige, and check regularly because shirts sell out in the first few minutes that they are posted. You sure don’t want to miss out on these cute clothes for the season!

All images courtesy of Paige Sechrist.


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