Tallahassee’s Own Little Italy: Isabella's Pizzeria Napoletana

Courtesy: Mia Lepp

Gaines Street has become the notorious spot for food! There is the classic Jimmy John’s, Brass Tap, Gaines St. Pies and now Isabella’s Pizzeria Napoletana! At Isabella’s all the pizzas, paninis and calzones are made fresh in a wood stove oven! I’m sure just looking at these pictures is making your stomach grumble and your mouth water; it’s ok. Treat yourself, you deserve it! The ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant match a modern Italian feel with brink walls and a shinning “Isabella’s” sign surrounding you as you walk in. Do yourself and your stomach a favor, and next time you’re hungry head over to Isabella’s. Sit back, enjoy the food and pretend you’re still studying abroad!