From Tallahassee to New York: Style Guide With Naomi

Major: Retail Merchandising and Product Development

Year: Junior

What Naomi is wearing: dress — H&M, denim shirt — Forever 21, basic sandals — Zara, necklace — Forever 21

HerCampus (HC): What’s your involvement at FSU?

Naomi Elizée (NE): I started at FSU with Diverse World Fashion. I was a stylist and then from there, since I was involved with Collegiate Merchandising Association, I didn’t have a position at the time. That spring I left DWF and then I went to CMA and became a publicist. From there I got involved with Clutch as Styling Director and I was there for two semesters, but I decided to take a break so I took off one semester and I continued with CMA as Secretary. Now I am Bookings Director at Clutch, but I am also involved with other clubs like Habitat for Humanity. This weekend I am going to be involved in the Color Run.

HC: Did you know you wanted to be involved with all these organizations before coming to FSU?

NE: Yes! One of the main reasons I chose my major and FSU was because of Clutch magazine. When I was in high school I was debating between UF, FSU, and UCF and then I realized FSU has a much bigger audience for fashion and more opportunities; all the girls in our RMPD major have gone on to do internships at Chanel and other high places that I would want to work at.

HC: So you had an internship this summer at Seventeen Magazine. How was that?

NE: Yes [laughs]. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, just because it was an eye opener — my first time living in New York. At first it was a lot to take in, I definitely cried my first week because I was like this is so overwhelming, I don’t know what I’m doing [laughs], but I definitely got the hang of it. I got to meet so many different talented people and I am so thankful for it because I got to make those connections for when I go back next summer (hopefully)! Knock on wood [laughs].

HC: What was your favorite part about living in New York?

NE: There was always something to do! Since I was off on Wednesdays, because I only worked 4 days a week and sno one else was off, I would just go off by myself and explore the city. One of the days I went to Brooklyn, another time I went to Tribeca, or I would [just do] little things. I wanted to make sure I didn’t take my time for granted and that I made the most out of my trip. On my last day I made sure to go to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory because it’s world [renowned] and everyone told me, “If you want really good ice cream, go there!” and I finally did that. Even though I was alone I didn’t feel alone because there are so many people and so much energy all around.

HC: For your five-year plan would you want to work for a magazine, live in New York and the whole nine yards?

NE: I definitely want to live in New York no matter what, but with a job, I don’t know If I want to work for a magazine yet, or maybe corporate. I love magazines and after my internship I realized, oh, maybe this isn’t for me because it’s so many hours, but then again watching the feed for New York Fashion Week I was like, “I want to do this!” Hopefully this summer, [I'll do] an internship with corporate and I’ll be able to figure out which field in fashion I want to go into.

HC: Do you have a role model within the fashion industry?

NE: My definite number one role model in the fashion industry would have to be Grace Coddington! [I've been] obsessed with her ever since I [saw] the September issue. I love her and her fiery red hair; I actually have her memoir book on my desk right now.

HC: Would you ever want to work at Vogue?

NE: That was my main drive back home. I’d have my cork board, and [would] pin things to remember and inspiration from Grace Coddington and Vogue and her title there because I’d love to have her title. I don’t know if that’s where I’d want to work, but that’s been my main inspiration and drive to be in the fashion industry.

HC: Do you have a signature look?

NE: Definitely my hair [laughs]. My big bunch of curls is how people find me. My friend once told me how she lost me when we were out, but she said, “I looked for your hair and found you!” I also really like prints; Zebra print is my favorite right now! I like to make [prints] classic, but chic with a little twist on it.