Tallahassee Bucket List Adventure

Courtesy: Jessica Modriskey

On March 6, Madison Social hosted a Tallahassee Bucket List event where people invested $1 to participate in the challenge that includes a bucket and a list of things to accomplish by April 28th. When you bring in the proof (usually in the form of a receipt) of your adventures, Madison Social will reward you with a prize package of a Tallahassee Bucket List shirt, pint glass, koozie and drink from the Happy Hour menu.

Spring 2016 Bucket List:

1. Lofty Pursuits

2. FSU Circus

3. Sod Cemetery

4. Big Easy Snowballs

5. Tallahassee Museum

6. Complete a MadSo Monthly Challenge

7. Food Truck Thursday

8. Cascades Park

9. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

10. Madison Social Trivia Social

11. Springtime Tallahassee

12. First Friday

13. Mission San Luis

14. FSU Reservation

To seniors especially, have fun with one of the last challenges before graduation and let the adventure begin!