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Tallahassee Animal Shelter Needs Help

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Animals across the Tallahassee area who have gone without a home, have been given up or were born on the streets normally come across the local shelter. The Tallahassee Animal Shelter (TAS) is a space for many of these animals in their transitional periods. In an attempt to reach out into the local community, the shelter has spoken to the WCTV.com reporter Brandon Spencer about their goals to lower both their intake numbers and to lower their euthanasia percentages.

Bambi is looking for a new and loving home!

Courtesy: City of Tallahassee – Animal Service Center on Facebook

The sad fact of it is, not all shelters can financially support being a no-kill shelter. All shelters have a limited amount of room within their kennels, and no-kill shelters can end up keeping an animal for the entirety of their life without a turnout rate.

While the Tallahassee Animal Shelter is a kill shelter, they still have so much love and care for their animals, and their attempts at outreach make it obvious. What they need in the next steps is the community to lend a hand in their journey.

Bongo was rescued along with almost two dozen other rabbits.

Courtesy: City of Tallahassee – Animal Service Center on Facebook

Volunteering is a huge way to give your time to these animals if you are not able to make a commitment within your home. If you are a student, the most basic requirement is that you can work consecutively for three months with a two-hour shift once a week. Steps to become a volunteer include: filling out a Volunteer Application, going to an interview process after and attending a Volunteer Orientation.

Cremini is an adopted kitten from TAS.

Courtesy: City of Tallahassee – Animal Service Center on​ Facebook

Types of volunteers are listed as:

Shelter Support Volunteers- All volunteers begin here, where they will complete duties of cleaning kennels, feeding animals, doing laundry and cleaning dishes, assisting customers with adoption and other general shelter upkeeping.

Dog/Cat Adoption Assistants- These adoption assistants provide dogs and cats with enrichment, bathing, cuddling, field trips and other special events.

Playgroup Volunteers- If you are interested in watching dog behavior and working on training within a group of them, then playgroup volunteering is an amazing opportunity.

Animal Photographer- Anyone who has a DSLR camera with a love for animals and a boat-load of patience would make amazing Animal Photographer.

Special Events Volunteers- You will help with events like Adopt-A-Thons, Tails and Trails annual runs, Rabies and Microchipping clinics as well as other various community outreach projects.

Mocha was adopted late last year in November.

Courtesy: City of Tallahassee – Animal Service Center on​ Facebook

If you have room to help but can’t make a commitment to be a forever home for an animal at the shelter, there is also an option for becoming a foster parent. Someone who offers to be a foster parent to the animal means that they take a responsibility to keep an animal for a period until they are adopted. Foster Applications are linked here and must be e-mailed to fosterpets@talgov.com.

There is always a possibility that you can’t make that sort of time commitment with either choice but don’t fret! The TAS can use donations throughout the year and provided a list on their website of most needed items:

  • Powdered Kitten (KMR) and Puppy Formula (ESBILAC)
  • Canned Cat (Paté Style) or Dog Food
  • Grain-Free Dog Kibble
  • Puppy Pads
  • Kong Dog Chew Toys
  • Small Animal Nursing Bottles
  • Soft Training Treats
  • Portable Exercise Pens
  • Heating Pads

Brady Breeze is looking for a new home.

Courtesy: City of Tallahassee – Animal Service Center on Facebook

From dogs, cats and even some animals considered to be more exotic, the Tallahassee Animal Shelter has a friend waiting for you. Dogs are adoptable for $30 and cats for $20.

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