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Sometimes you just need a change of scenery or a spontaneous trip that’s not too far. Thomasville, Georgia is the perfect place for it. Being around a 50-minute drive from Tallahassee, it’s close enough to make a quick day trip. If you put in “Thomasville” in maps, it should take you to the heart of Thomasville, where you see a variety of random boutique style stores to go into. Here’s a breakdown of some of the places we stopped at and find worth checking out! 

the big oak

The ‘Big Oak’ is a 335-year-old Live Oak tree only a couple blocks from the center part of the town that is amazing to see in person. Standing over 70 feet in height with a spread of 155 feet, having the branches overhang the streets, you feel towered over. If you go around the corner of the Big Oak, there is a public gazebo there—a great place to relax before heading back over to town. 

The cooking store

If you’ve read some of my earlier articles I talk about my love for cooking, and the first store we walked past was a boutique cooking store. Walking in it immediately smelled like fall and there were so many random tools that you wouldn’t typically see. My personal favorite was the bookshelves filled with spices, most were local, and some came sourced from other stores. Once you can pry yourself away from all the cute kitchen items and get out of the store, there are some random roads you can wander down to end up finding your next stop. 


Trying to find a simple bite to eat because we were going to be headed back to Tallahassee soon was easy, there aren’t an abundance of options, so I recommend going to a place that has something on the menu you like. While George & Louie’s is mainly known for its fresh seafood options, they also have burgers, sandwiches, PoBoy’s and a wide variety of Greek food. When you get there, it gives “Cozy Cone” Vibes like in Cars. The big sign out front where you see you can seat inside or out and the people who run it care about the quality of food and hospitality.  

When you walk in the menu is enormous and can take a minute to find what you want. I got a burger while my boyfriend got a Gyro, both were the perfect amount for us to get back home without being hangry. When we were sitting and eating, we were talking about all the other stores we had passed and gone through and realized we hadn’t found the bookstore we heard about. A little research later and after cleaning up the table (because yes, being kind to your server is the move), we set off to our last stop in this cute town. 

The bookSHELF

If you have never been to a bookstore besides Barnes & Noble, this will take you by surprise! Mixing collections of books, art, designs, candles and small paper related items, this bookstore is my dream in a store. They even have a cart of books you can get for FREE to read a limited copy before on shelves and then write a review on it, with purchase of a book but I mean, still a deal. Having shelves organized by genre is obviously important but having a flow within the store is also crucial. The open layout and inviting colors, temperature and energy make you want to not leave till you’ve seen every little thing. Highlight: ‘Let’s Stay Home’ candle *chef’s kiss*. 

Whatever the reason is for wanting to take a day trip, whether it’s school or our not-so-great football season, Thomasville is a great place to stop by. 

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