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Swim On: Getting Set for Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is back ladies! And for those who admire the Victoria Secret tops that are slightly above your budget, have no fear, Target is here!

The Xhilaration company has come out with new swim suit tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched.

This multi color stripe is among one of the most popular bought from the store. It is also only $17.99. Not only does it have a pair of matching bottoms, but it can be mixed with any bottoms that are a solid black, lime green, coral, orange, sky blue, or white color.

This top gives a whole new level of appreciation for patriotism. The ‘ole red, white, and blue has a set of matching bottoms, but can also be mixed with one color bottoms of the same shade. It is also $17.99.

If you are resourceful, you can buy any top, and instead of spending another $20 or so for bottoms, you can always find bottoms at Walmart or Beall’s Outlet a lot more cheaply.

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