Swifties: Is a New Album on the Way? Here’s What We Know.

On April 13, Taylor Swift posted a picture of a pink ring on Instagram with the vague but endearing caption, "4.26".

Image Courtesy: Instagram

In the days following, she continued to post pink and sparkly photos with identical captions. Fans everywhere are left pondering what this could mean and what is next for pop star Taylor.

And although unconfirmed, many swifties are speculating an album is on the horizon. In fact, the timing between each album has always been two years (with the exception of her most recent, Reputation, which was three years), so it’s highly likely that this suspicion is true. 

Leading up to her last album, Reputation, Swift pulled a similar move on Instagram. She cleared all her photos and teased her followers with pictures of snakes and dark backgrounds. These Instagram photos hinted at the whole aesthetic of the album. The anticipation for her new single grew and once Reputation dropped in November of 2017, it quickly made over two million sales. By May 2018, Swift was on the road touring. She certainly knows how to get her fans intrigued.

Despite Reputation’s large success however, her sales were was lower than any of her previous albums. Forbes believes this could be “the album’s lack of relatability.” So, this leaves us to question her next move. If it is an album, how will it perform?

Perhaps the most difficult question fans are trying to uncover is what this new aesthetic means for the album. In a recent article with ELLE, Swift shared the lessons she’s learned up to her 30th birthday. She ended this powerful article by advising others to “step into the daylight and let it go.” This could potentially be the theme for the album. Reputation focused on the negativity critics brought in her life and the drama she's had to defend herself from, so maybe album seven will focus on living freely from that criticism and moving on. 

For now, I guess all we know is that she's currently loving pastels, hearts and gems. Oh and also, she loves her cats, of course. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The hashtag #ts7iscoming has had thousands of Tweets since her photo posted on Saturday. Her publicity and overall attention are through the roof. In the latest Time Magazine, Shawn Mendes shared the magic of Swift’s music and wrote, “I quickly learned that the magic of Taylor Swift doesn’t come from the lights, dancers or fireworks (although all of that is incredible) but from the electrifying connection that she has with the people who are there to see her.” It could be because of this connection that Taylor has such a loyal following. There is certainly no surprise that her every move has generated the attention it has. 

On the 26th, it is likely we will receive an album cover, a name reveal or maybe a single. So, if you love Swift and are excited about her next move, check out the countdown she has on her website. And if you aren’t a fan, I’m sure it’ll be all over your Instagram in a few days to remind you anyway.