The Suspense Has Ended: Prince Harry Confirms Archie's Hair

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding was one that kept everyone in awe, between the landscape of the Windsor Castle and the wedding dress, it was all too perfect. After the wedding and Instagram envy from those who attended, the big question began circulating “when will the babies be coming?” Meghan Markle announced on October 15, 2018, that she and Harry were expecting their first child. 

Later, on May 6, 2019, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born. Prince Harry and Meghan decided on keeping Archie away from the press to be private for their family. Archie’s first appearance was last month on Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal tour of Africa. He was only four months old but seemed cheerful to be around so many successful people. 

Meghan and Harry have tried to see who Archie was looking more like, but it was hard because he had little to no hair. He did have his mother’s eyes though. Luckily, this month Meghan gave an update on Archie at the WellChild Awards to pay tribute to sick kids and their caregivers. At the event, Meghan mentioned how Archie attended his first playgroup and enjoyed it while she loved it as much as he did. Images of Archie then surfaced the internet later and were starting to be compared to those of Harry when he was younger. 

Courtesy: E! News

While at the WellChild Awards, one young girl, Milly Sutherland, asked Prince Harry if Archie had red hair like she did, which led to Harry excitedly sharing that Archie was beginning to grow more hair and that the red was starting to be noticeable in his eyebrows. Milly had attended the event with her mother and was given an award for the Most Caring because she was keeping and caring for her sister Sophie who passed away last year fromAicardi Syndrome.  Milly also mentioned how she wished Archie had attended the awards ceremony so she could’ve met him, but Meghan replied that he was sleeping and couldn’t attend. 

Courtesy: Sky News

Meghan and Harry continued telling some of the kids about Archie while awarding other children that have made an impact. One child that they were delighted to award was ten-year-old Emmie Nichols. She had the idea of opening a kitchen that allowed parents and their child to get three-course meals while stuck at the hospital.

The two parents were glad to attend the WellChild event and talked about how it meant more because they now had a little one of their own. Archie has given the new parents more of a reason to give to the WellChild charity. Prince Harry also talked about how last year when he attended the event with Meghan, they knew they were expecting but it was still a secret from the general public. He remembered squeezing her hand in this moment. This charity and being a new father helped Prince Harry to understand the challenges and difficulties that these families go through when having a sick child. Archie will most likely make another appearance soon so be on the lookout for this adorable little redhead sometime soon. 


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