Survival Guide: How to Get Through a Best Friend Breakup

I just want to start this article off by saying that this article in no way is meant to be negative on my, or anyone’s, ex-best friend. I appreciated and loved every minute of our friendship, but when things came to an end I had to find a way to make myself move on and feel better. This is my guide on how I made my journey of moving on from a relationship that meant the world to me at one point in time.

I know it is such a cliché story to say, “I am going to college with my best friend and we’re living together,” but that was my reality. I was lucky enough to live with my best friend, from elementary school, for two years of my college experience. It was great for a while, but things do not always work out. Eventually, we came to an end and our friendship was nonexistent. Of course, some circumstances caused this, but I do not want to get too into detail in that. I would much rather give someone in a similar situation, the advice on what I did to move on and feel okay with myself. 

1. It is okay to cry over it. 

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A break up with a best friend might just hurt more than a significant other. Your best friend is someone you always turn to in the best of times and the absolute worst. Whether you need just one hour to cry or an entire week, you are allowed to take your time. I am someone who will push back emotions until one day I just explode. I spent a lot of time to myself just wondering what was happening and that it would be the end of, what I thought, would be a life-long friendship. Please, do not hesitate to cry your emotions out. I felt so much better when I would release how I was feeling rather than holding it all in and constantly just feeling so down.

2. Reach out and try your best to hang out with new friends.

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I have a dog and the greatest part of this was that, not only is she emotional support, she helped me make my new group of friends. I spent so much time at the dog park with her that I began getting close with some of the other dog owners. Obviously, not everyone has a dog, but I highly suggest finding somewhere you love to go and making connections with the people there. If I had not jumped on the opportunity to make these new friends, I might be in just as low of a place as I was before. Also, I know these friends will be reading this article, and I just to say thank you so much for holding me up when I needed it. 

3. Learn to love and enjoy time by yourself. 

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I used to struggle so much with spending time by myself. I was so insecure and unhappy with who I was that I would constantly crave friends to be around. After this breakup, I honestly discovered how much I needed to learn to love myself. I spent so much time by myself just trying to be better that I learned so much who I was and what I needed for myself. I do not think I would have ever pushed my passion for writing this far if I had not spent that time by myself. Loving my time alone has allowed me to fill what felt like empty time, and turn it into time that I set aside every week to enjoy. 

4. Find a new passion to fill what might feel like an empty void. 

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My final piece of advice is just that. Find something that you love and would be able to set time apart every week to do for yourself. Whether that be writing, reading, watching your favorite show, going for a walk or whatever you decide, take the time for yourself. I am eternally grateful that I get to write articles for Her Campus at FSU, because it gives me a valid reason to spend time every single week doing something that I love. Although it may only be a temporary distraction, over time, you will come to understand that this time of pure enjoyment adds up. 

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