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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday: it is a day and game celebrated across the United States each year, with arguably more hype than any other professional sports league’s championship game. Even the people who don’t watch professional football every single Sunday and Monday sit down to enjoy this game with their friends and families. The focus of the game shifting from just the mere essence of watching football, to the idea that the game brings people together, makes Super Bowl Sunday a cherished American tradition.
This year the game will be played by two time tested and well known teams, Aaron Rodger’s Green Bay Packers and Ben Roethlisberger’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams have fought hard to be able to make it to this year’s Super Bowl, and now viewers have to ask themselves the ultimate question: Where will they watch all the drama unfold? Here in Tallahassee, what you will do and where you will go to watch the game depends entirely on you.

Many students elect to watch the game together, but where they end up is anyone’s guess. House parties are a common choice, with many students and friends gathering together to watch the game, eat some finger food, and ultimately enjoy each others company, but the options don’t stop there. Hosting a potluck at your place could ensure that not only do you have friends to help provide all the food, but also that you can then watch the game from the comfort of your own home.
If that’s not to your liking, places like AJ’s Sports Bar and Grill offer a place to hang out with friends and watch the game in a fun, party-like atmosphere, which many students will most certainly be interested in checking out. AJ’s offers a wide drink selection and a fun bar menu, along with vast seating in front of many televisions lining the walls. If you want the restaurant atmosphere without all the partying, places like Beef o Brady’s, The Tomahawk Sports Bar and Grill, Po Boys, and many, many more eateries offer a more secluded and calm viewing environment for your enjoyment. With full menus, places like Po Boys and The Tomahawk offer vast drink selections as well, but in a more calm and discussion-friendly environment.
On campus, organizations like the Catholic Student Union are hosting events where people can come out and socialize with friends while enjoying refreshments in a more relaxed atmosphere. If you don’t want to stray from campus but still want to kick back, be served food and a drink or two, then the Chilis on campus is the perfect location for you and your friends. With a full menu and fully stocked bar, Chilis offers a friendly on campus environment, more specifically for students, ensuring you will be surrounded by your peers.
If you are still at a loss as to what to do for the game, as is true of the time we live in, Facebook could most definitely hold the answers. By logging in and checking out your favorite places’ pages, you can see what type of events they are holding for the Super Bowl, with specific times and deals directly presented to you, to help make your decision easier. Wherever you do decide to go on Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you surround yourself with your friends, making it a night to remember! So, choose your location, choose your friends, choose your food, and, most importantly, choose your team, to make sure to make the 2011 Super Bowl one of the best and most memorable while you’re here at Florida State!


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