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Sunshine on 7th: Small Businesses During a Pandemic

Meet Olivia Bomar, a freshman here at Florida State University (FSU) with the CUTEST small business called Sunshine on 7th. As well as having her own small business, Olivia is also in Phi Mu at Florida State. When the pandemic first hit, many people decided to bring out their creative sides and start small businesses selling anything from scrunchies, homemade earrings and, of course, stickers. It is so incredibly important to support small businesses because those who start them put their hearts and souls into what they create for us. Scroll down to read my interview with Olivia and hear more about Sunshine on 7th, as well as how you can support and where you can purchase her products! 

Her Campus (HC): What year are you? 

Olivia Bomar (OB): I am in my first year at Florida State University. 

HC: What’s your major? 

OB: My major is psychology and I am seeking to double major in business. 

HC: What is your small business called and what do you sell? 

OB: My small business is called Sunshine on 7th and is on Etsy. I sell scrunchies that I sew and stickers that I have designed! 

HC: What inspired you to create a small business and when did you start? 

OB: Over quarantine, I would watch lots of videos on sewing, so I decided that it was time to learn and try it out myself. I have always loved scrunchies so I wanted to make my own. I also love to draw and I have my own collection of stickers. I thought it would be fun if I got to make and sell my own designs as stickers.

assorted color threads for sewing
Photo by Fleur from Unsplash

HC: Has your business been affected by the pandemic? 

OB: Since I started my business during the pandemic, I am not entirely sure of how it would have been prior to the pandemic. 

HC: Has your business been affected since starting college? 

OB: Since the start of college, my business has been affected since it is so much harder to keep up with it. Being in my dorm and trying to use a sewing machine is harder than you would think. Additionally, the minimal storage does make it a lot more challenging and requires a lot of work. 

HC: What do you use as your main source of advertising? 

OB: I use Instagram (@sunshineon7th) and Etsy ads as my main sources of advertising. 

HC: What’s your favorite thing about being a small business owner? 

OB: My favorite thing about being a business owner would have to be getting to see my friends and random people wear the things I have designed and made. 

HC: How do you personally define business success? 

OB: I define business success as when you feel that you have done enough to your business to be proud of yourself! 

HC: Where can we purchase your products? 

OB: Sunshineon7th on Etsy!

Make sure to follow @sunshineon7th on Instagram and go purchase some scrunchies, stickers, socks and more of Olivia’s products on Etsy!

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