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Summer Dumpin’: Celeb Couples that Called it Quits this Summer

There’s only one thing juicier than keeping up with all the latest celebrity pairings: diving headfirst into celebrity splits. You know, the ones we see coming, the ones that deteriorate our faith in love just a little, and the ones who have us going “They were together?!” If we re-capped every single semi-famous person that called it quits this summer we might be here for days, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t catch up on the deets from some of our fave celebrity breakups … because that’s what really matters during the first weeks back to school, right?!

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

From the second A Star Is Bornpromo began dropping, people were shipping Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Their chemistry is undeniable on and off the screen, especially in that steamy Oscar’s Performance of “Shallow” early this year. The months of everyone begging the two to get together must have been uncomfortable for Cooper’s longtime girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. Although it seems that this might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, multiple sources say that in reality, Cooper was emotionally absent long before any of the promo for the film forced him to travel more. Despite the split, which was first announced in early June, the two have been devoted to co-parenting their daughter and getting back to work. Fans were a little less than moved by the split. They wasted no time in pointing to Lady Gaga’s now called off engagement to Christian Carino as a sign that she and Cooper must really have been forming a romantic relationship with coincidentally close break-ups. Almost three months later, there have been no reports of the two moving on to new romantic partners, so maybe it all just really is a case of two couples not meant to be together. We’ll still be keeping our eyes peeled though! 

Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart

Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

When news of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart’s potential break-up popped up online, we could HEAR hearts everywhere breaking. Although there have been reports of the split on sites like CosmoE! Online, and even Harper’s Bazaar, the two have yet to confirma breakup. The two met on the set of Riverdale, where they play Betty and Jughead, who also happened to be involved in a romantic relationship. Cole took to his Instagram to announce to the world that they were more than just co-stars when he posted a picture of Reinhart in a field of flowers. They’re both fond of posting enigmatic photos of each other with not-so-telling captions and have continued to post from shoots with each other. They even responded to the rumors of their break-up with another cryptic Instagram post from a photoshoot for W Magazine. Whether or not it is true that they did part ways, it’s undeniable that they have and will continue to have a beautiful friendship!

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx

Courtesy: Yahoo

Is it just me or did you guys totally forget that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were together for SIX years?! Sources say the two split in May, but given that they work extra hard to keep their private life private, reports didn’t surface until last month. Foxx has since been photographed with 21-year-old singer Sela Vave, who he claims is simply a music industry mentee of his at the moment. While there is supposedly no ill-will in the aftermath of this break-up, multiple sources forPage Sixhave conflicting reports that the reason the couple split was over a last-minute cancellation to their joint vacation. One source says that Katie called and canceled the trip last minute, upsetting Foxx, while another source says the trip was canceled because of “something sh*tty” Foxx did and that he decided not to go by his own accord. A report by Us claims that there is very much some resentment between the two, because of the multiple times Jamie Foxx was photographed out with other women. The two have yet to make a statement on their split. 

Bella Hadid & The Weeknd

Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

If you’ve been on any social media platform recently, you know that The Weeknd and Bella Hadid have called it quits once again. All fans care about this time is the amazing music they hope The Weeknd will release as a result! The couple has been on-and-off for a while now, but sources say that distance and conflicting schedules caused a final wedge in their relationship. This is sad for anyone who has been following their relationship and supported the couple throughout their relationship, and especially anyone who watched googly-eyed as they reunited on the stage of the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Given that they have a history of breaking up and making up, it’s safe to assume we might see them back together again sometime soon. Everyone else must have had the same thought, as fans everywhere have picked up on a few cryptic photos posted on Hadid’s Instagram and have come up with several theories as to what they mean. Hint: they all lead to her and The Weeknd hanging out again. I guess this one will be a test of time!  

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Courtesy: People

I don’t think anyone expected a break up from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth so soon after their December wedding. However, it’s no secret that they had a rocky relationship. From their flirty days on the set of The Last Songwhere they were often off-and-on to Miley releasing “Malibu” all about their beautifully unexpected rekindled romance in early 2016, it’s been less than picture-perfect. When they got married in December of 2018, everyone thought this was finallyit for them after one called off engagement and the break that bred the controversial (and wrecking ball riding!) version of Miley many of us came to love. Since the announcement of their divorce, many fans have expressed shock and sadness at learning that the couple could look so happy, yet struggle to make each other happy. Many have also jumped into crazed theories about the reasons for their divorce, even landing on one crazy rumor that says cheating broke the couple up, but Miley was not having that. She defended their relationship, mentioning that she loves Liam and always will, but attributed their split to her being a different person than she once was. As sad as it is, we hope the two can move on healthily and happily!

We can only hope that some of these couples just need some rest days to get back into the swing of things with each other, but we’ll be here to recap the deets if they decide a break just isn’t enough. Tweet us which couples you hope revive their romances @HCFloridaState!  

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