In the Studio with Kamila Albert

“Happy Little Accidents” is a mantra that helps Kamila Albert lead Florida State University’s Digital Studio with a positive attitude. What’s created is a comfortable atmosphere for students to explore computer software and online platforms to bring their creative ideas to life. Taken as inspiration from Bob Ross, Albert believes that allowing yourself to make mistakes is all part of the process at the Digital Studio.

“Some of my favorite layout designs have grown out of little missteps—tools I didn’t intend to use or unintentional color splatters that ended up looking kind of cool,” Albert confessed.

There are two Digital Studios located on the main campus; one in the William Johnston Building and one in the Williams building. These spaces offer students the chance to come in and use one of several high-quality PC or Mac computers that have the entire Adobe Creative Suite, among other software programs, downloaded onto them. Students are welcome to visit during their open hours Monday through Friday and work on any given project they’d like. In addition to a peaceful independent workspace, Albert suggests that one of the many benefits of the DS is that there are always consultants available to aid in giving feedback or providing brief tutorials on how to work certain programs.

Albert has devoted several years to learning the ins and outs of the Digital Studio. Starting as a consultant in 2017, she was promoted to the coordinator for the 2017-2018 academic year and then again for the 2019-2020 school year.

Courtesy: Kamila Albert

“The digital studio is such an inviting collaborative space,” Albert said. “I love the focus on helping with digital projects, from working with graphic design software to web builders and videos.”

Aside from working with the Digital Studio, Albert is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the English department’s rhetoric and composition program and teaches several Writing and Editing in Print and Online classes on campus. She finds great importance in being a part of a program that gives students the resources they need to succeed during their time here at FSU.

“Just like writing centers offer help with writing-based projects, I think it is so important for students to have a welcoming, supportive resource like the Digital Studio where they can learn about software options and rhetorical approaches to digital design,” Albert said.

It is also important to note that the Digital Studio is not just a space designed to help students excel, but faculty and staff of the University are also encouraged to visit and explore their technological creativities.

“Digital Studios are important resources for colleges and universities where students, faculty and staff are expected to work with and create digital, multimodal content,” Albert said.

The one thing Albert continuously reassures any person who chooses to utilize the DS is to understand that frustrations are likely when dealing with the software but being patient is the key to turning out a good project.

From layout design to web design, photo editing, or video editing, the Digital Studio is a place where a whole variety of talents can truly be explored.

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