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Student Figures Out Future While Playing Sports

Her Campus (HC): Where are you from?

 Corey Bandremer (CB): My background is half Russian half Polish. I was born in North Carolina and I moved down here when I was four and I lived in Boca, West Palm, and my parents moved back to Boca when I went to college.

 HC: What is your relationship status?

 CB: None.

 HC: What year are you in school?

 CB: Super senior. Took a semester off and dropped a couple classes so I’ve had stuff to make up and changed my major a lot.

 HC: What is your major now?

 CB: Humanities. It’s made up of three sub majors that you get to choose from. I do communications and film and literature. I can do business or teach English because of the literature, so I can do a little bit of everything.

 HC: What have you switched from?

 CB: Business, then Exercise Science, then took a semester off and became an education major while taking classes in community college for a little bit. I came back as an exploratory major and then was forced to pick a major so I picked Humanities.

 HC: What do your hobbies include?

 CB: Of course I like to stay active so I play soccer or play any sport and I like to work out. I’ve wanted to do wine/beer tasting because I want to be better cultured. I don’t go out a lot so I like to hang out and watch movies.

 HC: What are you involved with at FSU?

 CB: I used to be in the sailing club. Back when I had surgery on my foot and couldn’t play soccer anymore I joined the sailing club because I thought it would be fun to learn how to do that. I was in that and I’m in club soccer. Most of my free time went into internships and work.

 HC: How many internships do you have now?

 CB: Zero. This is my first semester where I’m not doing anything that requires my future except for school. I used to intern for marketing last semester for FSU. I do goalkeeper training for Tallahassee United and I do marketing for them as well, which was my internship with them. Now I just do goalkeeper training.

 HC: How do you deal with the stresses of everyday life?

 CB: I usually just exercise to get rid of stress…or punch a pillow if I’m really mad.

 HC: Which do you prefer: cats or dogs?

 CB: Dogs.

 HC: What do you want to do with your life?

 CB: Still figuring that out. I’ve thought about teaching and coaching soccer on the side. Most likely I’ll end up getting into business. I have a couple of different business opportunities I can get into when I’m out of college. I would most likely be working with consumer products.

 HC: What about a future family; are you a family man?

 CB: I am definitely a family man. I haven’t thought about it a lot. I would want about two or three kids. I prefer girls because they wouldn’t have to play sports – if they want to they can–so they wouldn’t get hurt too much, that’s my big thing.

 HC: Have you ever gone to camp?

 CB: All Jews go to camp. I went to Camp Coleman in Cleveland, Georgia for about six years. I also worked there as a counselor for a summer which was fun. I like children, that’s why I like teaching and coaching; it’s a recurring factor.

 HC: What is your ideal date?

 CB: This is a hard question. I like taking my dates out for sushi. Sushi is very interesting because a first date should be memorable because it’s always about getting to know the person and seeing if you want to go on a second date so I would always gets a bunch of different sushi because if you try something new and you like it, it will be memorable. Like on date, I didn’t know there was eel in the sushi. I thought it was shrimp, and it was very embarrassing and funny. So any type of Asian culture food is good.

Senior in Creative Writing at FSU. Aspiring journalist/novelist/world traveler. She can be seen binge watching Netflix through the broken blinds of her window and scarfing down large personal pizzas from Papa Johns. Her hobbies include being introverted, having a romantic love affair with Ben & Jerry (scandalous!), playing with people's pets at their houses instead of actually communicating with anyone, and sending brilliantly funny snapchats to her friends list.
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