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Stress-Relievers During Finals Week

Finals week is quickly approaching which means everyone is going to go through some sort of stress. Don’t stress yourself out too much though or else these next couple of weeks is going to be straight up horrible. Here are some things that can relieve your stress during this important time.

Here are some cute puppies. Look how cute! Being with animals is a huge stress reliever, trust me.

Think about the beach and all of the great times you’ll have this summer!

Ryan Gosling. Enough said.

Look at this sloth, such a cute little sloth. It’s telling you to follow your dreams. And at this point I’m sure you’re dreaming of summer (and passing your exams).

Here is Jake the dog eating. Stop stressing about your finals and go eat something delicious. It will refuel your brain for more studying!

Take a walk to clear your mind. Make your friend carry you around. Your brain probably isn’t functioning properly anyway.

Don’t panic. Everything will be okay. Finals week is not the end of the world.

So there you go. I just want to wish everyone luck on their exams and congrats to the graduating collegiettes!

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