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Stay Warm and (Madison) Social

Though the weather hasn’t cooled here in Tallahassee quite yet – put down the UGGs – Madison Social knows how to get you in the right state of mind and spirit, and with the most creative of spirits. November brings on a new challenge, loaded with unique fall-inspired libations that just taste so good once they hit your lips. From beer tasting to spelling, MadSo has you covered this month. 

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Beer tasting. How do I get started?

Download and print a passport or pick one up at Madison Social, and then try all of the following flavors anytime between November 1st and November 30th. Johnny Appleseed, Cigar City Hard Cider, Stella Cidre, Johnny Fire and Ma Bell will all be available until the end of the month, and make sure you have your passport stamped by any of the staff members once you down that baby. Once you’ve tried them all and five spots stamped and accounted for, get on the bar and wave your passport around for all to soak in your revelry.

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Just kidding, don’t do that, unless you’re really feeling yourself. Simply hand over the card to your server or bartender and you will receive a free special edition “Social Cider Drinker” tee or tank! The only catch is that you must redeem the shirt by December 31, 2015. So bring your significant other, sister, brother, friends, roommates, mom, dad, the whole fam-jam, dogs and cats. Swing by with anyone and everyone who wants to have a good time and take part in the festivities that are readily available at all hours of the day on Madison St. throughout the gloriously golden month that is November. 

And for all of the sapiosexuals out there…

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For those who fancy more intellectual stimulation, Madison Social has got you covered on this Wednesday, November 11th at 6 p.m. They are hosting their first ever spelling bee. They’re calling it, “Spelling Bee(r) Social.” Cute right? All of the words will relate to beer, and there is only a $5 registration fee which goes straight to the Collegiate Veteran’s Association. Check in is at 6 p.m. and the event kicks off at 6:30 p.m.

First place in the Spelling Bee(r) receives a $100 gift card, a pitcher of beer, freedom shirt and glass and a champion trophy. Second place receives a $50 gift card, pitcher, freedom shirt and glass. Third place receives the same as second place, with only $25 less in the amount of the gift card. However, everyone essentially wins because they are offering a consolation prize of one free draft beer for everyone who put themselves out there for everyone to laugh at.

The rules of the Bee are simple. Walk bravely to the microphone in order of check in (maybe after a few beers to rid the jitters). A word will be announced and you will be given the country and city of origin along with a brief description. The word can also be used in a sentence if need be. Contestants must say the word, spell the word and then say the word one more time to complete their turn.

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