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Stadium Runner: Running to Your Seat This Seminole Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

            That frustrating moment when your stomach begins to growl but the ball is in mid air about to be caught you can’t help but think: witness a touchdown or obey the stomach? For many fans the struggle is real when it comes to watching a game and satisfying the hunger. Do you dare make the move to purchase that hot dog or awkwardly start the War Chant to cover up the stomach growls?

            Thankfully, Bryant Joseph and Connor Grady decided to do something about the fans struggle and created an app that makes your decision easy. What if you could watch the game while ordering your food from your seat and never missing a beat?

            While it seems like a dream come true and a wild fairy tale luckily for you, this dream has become a reality once the app began running in February. Its cute design is due to Chris Meyers, Jordan Obi, and Nick Staab who also made it simple to use; it is an app for all fans young and old.

Screenshot of app home screen

            The app is going to be great for many on campus sporting events. While currently the app has only spread its wings at the baseball games (they are testing it out for kinks and flaws that may arise), it is believed to have already changed the experience of sports fans.

            But there are some hesitations that can be brought up in regards to the app. While elegant, sleek and a great idea, will it withhold the demand during football games? Considering how successful we were last season, it could be safe to assume that the stands will be considerably fuller and the demand will be high for delivery.

            Will the app be able to meet the demand? Will there be a delivery charge? Will it crash under all of that demand? It boasts that it will be able to cut down the hassle with wait time in line, but how large of a staff will need to be employed/ dedicated to running out into the stands in order to provide fast service? These are all questions that will hopefully be answered through the baseball season and while it is less than two months old, the app has already shown great potential. Joseph and Grady are using this debut time to really focus on feedback from the audience.

Screenshot of the “how to” guide

            An article written by Lindsey Lucas on southernalpha.com, addresses the possibility of crashing, “Jordan Obi, the team’s lead UI/UX designer, tells me that in response [to phone service issues in densely populated stadiums] they’ve made a point to build a lightweight app that minimizes data use at every step of the way.”

            It seems as though this team is entirely dedicated to ensuring the app will keep up with its purpose and run effectively. While they focus on the marketing and “hype” of the app they want to make sure that they catch any flaws or issues that arise.

            Like most successful creations, the greatness lies in the simplicity. There are no bells and whistle to its design, just simple colors, an easy swipe screen, and voila. This app has promise and if its team incorporates the feedback and addresses any bugs, they have the potential to really change the concession industry. So Seminoles, download this free app on your iPhone (soon to come to Android) and attend a game to test it out. 

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